Dosing Pump accessories including suction lance assemblies, valves, injection quills and dosing tube.

Dosing Pump Accessories

Chemical dosing pumps are excellent for devices for ensuring that chemical reagents are precisely delivered into a process. Each process is nuanced in its own way with variations occurring across sodium hypochlorite dosing, pH neutralisation, biocide dosing or process control applications. 

Many of these nuances can be overcome by adding an ancillary or accessory to the dosing pump itself or as part of the dosing tubing, whether it's on the suction side or the discharge side.

We offer a range of dosing accessories to work with our range of dosing pumps, to ensure that they are safe and reliable for a wide range of dosing applications.

Dosing Tube or Dosing Hose

Each of our red dosing pumps is supplied complete with a length of PVC dosing tube for the suction side and LDPE discharge for the discharge line. LDPE is a great versatile material and sometimes a longer length is required. Alternatively for some applications a material with a greater chemical resistance is required, such as PVDF or even PTFE which we can supply in continuous lengths up to 100 metres long.

We recommend that dosing tube is double confined to give greater mechanical strength and to provide containment should a dosing line encounter a problem. A selection from our range of dosing tube sizes is listed in the dosing tube. We can also supply sizes and materials not listed.

The chemical resistance of the materials can be checked using our chemical compatibility checker.

Injection Valves / Non-Return Valves

An injection valve or a non-return valve is a simple yet important piece of equipment - so much so that we include them with every solenoid dosing pump that we supply. Quite simply the injection valve allows the chemical to be injected into a pipeline or vessel.

Comprising of a fitting allowing the dosing tube to connect to the inlet side, a non-return valve which is utilises a spring return mechanism (manufactured in chemically resistant parts) and then a BSP threaded connection for installing into the process (both 3/8" BSP and 1/2" BSP).

Injection valves are manufactured in PVC as standard or PVDF for greater chemical resistance.

Foot Valves

Solenoid dosing pumps work by compressing a fluid in the head of the dosing pump through a set of double non-return valves to deliver the chemical into a process. When non-compressible fluids (liquids) are entered into the pump head this equates to excellent pressure ratings and high flow rates.

When compressible fluids (air) are entered into the head the efficiency of the pump decreases which is why it's important to ensure that the head of the dosing pump is always filled with liquid, or the dosing pump is primed.

One way we can help to achieve this is by including a non-return valve or foot valve assembly at the suction side of the dosing pump.

Our foot valves are designed to be immersed in the solution to dosed and include a non-return valve, strainer assembly to prevent solid ingress and fitting allowing the dosing tube to be connected.

Suction Lance Assemblies

A suction lance assembly is designed to meet the same requirements as a foot valve. They comprise of both a non-return valve and strainer assembly allowing the dosing pump to remain primed.

In addition to a foot valve - the suction lance assemblies include a low level float switch which provides a volt free signal when the chemical level drops. This can be used for a wide range of applications, including stopping the pump from operating when no chemical is present and losing it's prime.

Suction lances also allow operators to safely change the chemical source and can be manufactured for specific sectors including marine, chemical processing and aerospace applications - where the wetted parts can be manufactured for greater chemical resistance, elevated temperatures or to suit sector specific fittings or specifications.

Dosing Tube

Dosing Tube

Designed for chemical handling our range of dosing tube is available to suit most chemical processes.

Materials include LDPE, PVC, PTFE, and PVDF as well as reinforced PVC tubing.

Each material is available in a range of diameters and can be supplied in lengths to suit your application. Dosing tube can also be supplied double confined for greater mechanical strength and satisfy chemical containment requirements.  

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Injection Valve

Injection Valve

An integral part of dosing a chemical into a process is ensuring that robust and reliable injection valve / non-return valve is included as part of the pipework.

Each injection valve is available with either a PVC or PVDF body and further options for the wetted parts. Each injection valve acts as a non-return valve with a spring return mechanism.

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Designed to ensure that dosing pumps remain primed and ready for operation our range of foot valves are designed to be immersed into the chemical solution and connect to the pump via a suction line. 

Manufactured in PVC or PVDF each foot valve has options for the wetted parts to suit most chemical processes and integral non-return valve.

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Suction Lance Assembly

Suction Lance Assembly

A suction lance assembly is designed to replace a foot valve in a chemical process. Like our range of foot valves each suction lance assembly is manufactured with a non-return valve and strainer assembly to ensure a pump remains primed and ready for operation.

To help with safe chemical handling when a chemical container has to be replaced the suction lance is mounted on a rigid riser tube with adjustable flared flange.

The suction lance assemblies include a low level float switch which outputs a volt free signal on a low chemical level and are available with a range of wetted parts.

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