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Conductivity Controllers and Conductivity Instruments

Conductivity is the measurement of electrical resistance or conductance of a solution it is the reciprocal or resistance, i.e: 1/R and was originally expressed in MHOS or micromhos (ohms backwards). This was later changed to today's units of measurement Siemens or microsiemens. Our range of Conductivity Instruments are designed with this in mind.

We supply several options of conductivity instruments including hand held stick meters through to our industrial range which includes conductivity transmitters and conductivity controllers for surface or control panel mounting.

C7685 Conductivity Controller

C7685 Microprocessor conductivity controller panel mounting, ranges 0 - 200.0μS, 0 - 2000μS 0 - 20.00μS or 0 - 20.00mS, user selectable or auto ranging. Automatic temperature compensation with user selectable base temperature and adjustable temperature coefficient from 0 - 5%/°C. Two control relays selectable for Hi-Lo, Lo-Lo or Hi-Hi control, alarm relay with delay timer and isolated 0-20/4-20 mA output mains supply 115/230 VAC

Conductivity Controller C7685

Condutivity Instrument C7685-001 Panel mounting μp Ultra pure water conductivity / resistivity meter with special auto temp comp for ultra pure water.

C3630W Conductivity transmitter

Conductivity Instrument C3630W

C3630W Two wire Conductivity transmitter with isolated 4 - 20 mA O/P power supply 24VDC supplied in IP55 surface mounting enclosure.

C3645W Conductivity Controller

C3645W Conductivity Controller in IP55 enclosure ranges 0-200 μS, 0-2000 μS & 0-20.00 mS, 1 set point 0 - 40 sec delay timer & 4 - 20 mA O/P mains supply 115 / 230 VAC

Conductivity Controller

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C3655W Conductivity Controller

C3655W Electrodeless Conductivity Controller in IP55 enclosure ranges 0-20.00 mS, 0-200.0 mS or 0-2000 mS, to be specified when ordering 1 set point 0 - 40 sec delay timer & 4 - 20 mA O/P mains supply 115 / 230 VAC

C7635 Conductivity Controller

C7635 Panel mounting Conductivity Controller with user selectable ranges of:

  • 0 - 20μS,
  • 0 - 200 μS,
  • 0 - 2000 μS.
  • 0 - 20.00 mS
  • 0 - 200.0 mS

When paired with a conductivity cell with values from:

  • K=1.0,
  • K=0.1,
  • K=1.0,
  • K=10.0
Conductivity Controller C7635

The C7635 Conductivity Instrument comees with 2 control relays, 1 Alarm Relay and an isolated 0 - 20 mA / 4 - 20 mA current output

The power supply can operate from 86-240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz

Note measured range depends upon the conductivity cell and use.

Auto temperature compensation to a base of 25°C at 2% per °C via temp sensor fitted to the cell.

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MT (Microtransmitter)


MT (Microtransmitter) is designed for use with the model C7685 Conductivity controller when the MT is selected in the setup menu of the C7685 the measuring ranges are either auto ranging or manually selected from 0 - 20 mS, 0 - 200 mS or 0- 2000 mS.

Model BCT conductivity transmitter

2 Wire Cell

Conductivity Instrument Model BCT Blind Electrodeless conductivity transmitter manufactured in cPVC with built in electronic amplifier to provide an isolated 4-20m signal corresponding to the measuring range, fitted with auto temp compensation to a base of 25°C at 2% per °C. The same two wires that power the transmitter also carry the current signal allowing the transmitter to be mounted up to 1000 metres away from the receiving instrument with no loss of signal (Using our LMK2 connecting cable)

BCT10 Range 0 - 10mS
BCT100 Range 0 - 100mS
BCT1000 Range 0 - 1000mS

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BC7635 Conductivity Controllers

Conductivity Transmitter BC7635

BC7635 Panel mounting controller is designed to worrk with our range of Electrodeless Conductivity Transmitters, (such as the Model BCT Conductivity Transmitter above) with a range from 0 - 10.00 mS, 0 - 100.0 mS or 0 - 1000 mS along with transducer power supply, 2 control relays & 0 - 20mA non-isolated current output mains supply 115/230VAC.

The BC7635 Panel Mounted Contoller is also available as in a surface mountred enclosure - the BC7635-W

CL8 Portable Conductivity Instrument

Portable Conductivity Meter

The CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter Kit is supplied as a complete kit including leather style carrying case, instruction manual, batteries, and a robust general purpose conductivity cell with K = 1.0 value and automatic temperature compensation for accurate conductivity measurements.

The CL8 features 3 user selectable ranges:-

  • 0 - 200µS
  • 0 - 2000µS
  • 0 - 20.00mS

Each with automatic temperature compensation.

To increase the effective range - the CL8 Portable conductivity meter is compatible with conductivity cells which have cell constants of:-

  • K=0.1
  • K=1.0
  • K=10.0

The CL8-K is often used in plant rooms where demineralised water or rinse water is used as a portable way of corroborating readings from installed industrial controllers

WD-35662 Waterproof Portable Conductivity tester

Conductivity Instrument

WD-35662 Waterproof Portable Conductivity tester it even floats, compact economical and easy to use, with 3 ranges 0 - 200 μS, 0 - 2000 μS and 0 - 20.0 mS

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