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Dissolved Oxygen controller for the measurement of dissolved oxygen and with output relays to control processes based on the measured dissolved oxygen value


Dissolved Oxygen Controller

A Dissolved Oxygen controller is a device designed to be permanently installed as either a stand alone instrument, or as part of a control panel - to offer continuous dissolved oxygen measurements.

Dissolved Oxygen instruments with control functionality such as relays and current outputs are designated controllers as they are able to ensure that not only is the Dissolved Oxygen levels are accurately monitored, but that equipment can be controlled based on the dissolved oxygen value.

Our Dissolved Oxygen controllers ensure that the control relays can be switch via 2 set-points within the controller. These are idea for controlling aerators within aeration tanks, or for controlling valves and other associated control equipment in boiler feed water control.

Dissolved Oxygen Control Options

For applications where dissolved oxygen is process critical crucial to life - it is possible not only to control devices but also alarm conditions too. For example dissolved oxygen in aquaculture we have the option to initiate an aerator on a low dissolved oxygen level, and also signal a wide array of alarm devices if that value has not changed with in a designated period to ensure that an operator is alerted.

Dissolved Oxygen Controllers and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

The Dissolved Oxygen controllers within this range are designed to work with either a polarographic membrane sensor, sometimes known as a Clarke sensor. They are also compatible with the older type of Galvanic Sensor. The Polarographic membrane sensors are easily connected and offer reliable temperature compensated readings. These can be displayed as either dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L or PPM) or as a Saturation (percentage).

Simple to calibrate, easy to setup and powerful in their control functions, our dissolved oxygen controllers are ideal for aquaculture applications, boiler feed water applications and for environmental monitoring applications.

Dissolved Oxygen Controller Range



The OD7635 Conductivity controller with 2 control relays and isolated 4-20mA output is an excellent panel mounting instrument, and is also available in surface mounting configuration.

The OD7635 also includes an alarm relay and the isolated 4-20mA output can be outputted across the user selectable range.

The OD7635 can display and control the dissolved oxygen based percentage saturation or using concentation in mg/L

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The OD7685 is a panel mounting dissolved oxygen controller with options to display the dissolved oxygen reading as either Percentage Saturation, Partial Pressure (mmHg), Concentration (mg/L), or Concentration in ppm.

The OD7685 controller has a proportional and expandable isolated 4-20mA output - this allows the user to gain detailed monitoring and control a very specific dissolved oxygen range.

The OD7685 auto-raning conductivity controller also includes 2 x control relays and an alarm relay in addition to the auto-clean relay with freeze and hold functionality.

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