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High & Low Operation Level Controller

high and low liquid level controller ALC1101

The ALC1101 Level Controller is a durable, dependable and cost effective level control device which can be used for both high & low level operation. 

High & Low Level Control ALC1101 Introduction

The ALC1101 is a versatile level controller designed for a wide range of applications.

Simple in design and manufacture, the ALC1101 is intended for a long and dependable operating life.

The ALC1101 is supplied from a 110 / 240 VAC supply voltage, which is used to provide a low voltage electrical sensing circuit to a Conductive Level Sensors.  As the circuit is made or broken with the conductive level sensors, the ALC1101 then opens and closes a relay depending upon the operation.

The ALC1101 uses  a 5 amp non-inductive relay to provide switching and latching between two points and is commonly used for filling or emptying a tank using a solenoid valve or pump.

To ensure ease of commissioning the ALC1101 has a front mounted LED (light emitting diode) to display the status of the relay.  There is a second LED to show the power status of the level controller.

Using the toggle switch this means that the ALC1101 can be used as a fail safe to close or fail safe to open depending upon the application.

Considering the variety of applications that can be tackled with the ALC1101, it includes a front mounting potentiometer for the user to adjust the sensitivity.  This means that with very high or low conductivity solutions the sensitivity can be adjusted, to ensure successful operation.  This is particularly useful when used with liquids that foam.  The sensitivity can be reduced to ensure that the level controller only energises / de-energises the control relay when the liquid reaches the level sensor, and not the foam.

Level Controller for System Integrators ALC1101 

The ALC1101 has been designed with system integrators in mind.

Designed to fit onto an 11 base and measuring just 98mm in length the ALC1101 is easily mounted onto Din rail and can fit into even the smallest of panel spaces.

If a series of ALC1101 controllers are mounted into a panel to provide additional functionality, or in a number of different vessels, then the front mounted alarm state LED's and adjustable sensitivity ensures that the commissioning is as simple as possible.

Stand Alone Level Controller ALC1101

The ALC1101 is also available as a stand alone level controller in a surface mounted enclosure.  This allows tanks and systems to be cost effectively and reliably retrofitted with the high / low alarms functionality.

The enclosures are provided with IP rating, fully wired and tested.  The latching nature of the ALC1101 means that it's very cost effective to add tank filling or tank emptying automation to an existing tank or system, or even switch on an Industrial Mixer when the right level is reached.

Level Controller ALC1101 Applications

The ALC1101 is suitable for a wide variety of uses including safe area usage (not EX rated areas where a risk of explosion is present) as long as the liquid is conductive.

The ALC1101 has been designed to operate as a single level control unit, working with a Level Electrode holder with 3 Level Sensors to provide automation for pumping between levels, or operate a valve between two levels. In addition, it can be paired with other ALC1101 level controllers to add additional functionality to a 5 x Level Sensor Level Electrode Holder to add alarm functionality on high levels, or with a 3rd ALC1101 level controller to add a high level alarm.

Using a sensor arrangement from the LE7 Level Electrodes or combining multiple level sensor level electrode holders, offers a wide range of functionality to automate liquid level control.

Level Controller ALC1101 Features & Benefits

The ALC1101 offers numerous process options to tanks and vessels containing conductive liquids.

With the ability to automate tank filling and emptying, or trigger alarms on high or low levels, the ALC1101 offers reliable and durable control in a cost effective solution.

The ALC1101 is easy to install and connect, and the commissioning of a system is simple with the relay state LED and adjustable sensitivity.

Whether the level controller is operating in high or low level operating modes, by simply flicking a toggle switch, the ALC1101 becomes a powerful and versatile instrument.

ALC1101 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- ALC1101

    Sensitivity:- 100 Ω to 30 KΩ

    Relay:- Relay Contacts 5amp non-inductive.

    Indication:- Red LED showing relay energised status.

    Switching differential:- Better than 5%

    Operating Temperature Range:- -10°C to 60°C

    Connections:- 11 pin base

    Supply:- 240 or 110 VAC at 50 / 60 Hz.

    Indication:- Green LED showing mains supply.

    Weight:- 250 grams approx.

    Dimensions:- 50 x 61 x 98mm

  • Features


    • Allows the user to switch to either high or low level operation using the front mounted toggle switch. 
    • Cost effective, reliable and durable level control designed for a long operational life. 
    • Simple integration with conductive level electrodes
    • Simple to commission using the relay state LED and adjustable sensitivity. 
    • Accurate level control of even foaming liquids. 
    • Latches between two level electrodes for automation of filling and emptying tasks.
    • Increase functionality by easily incorporating multiple ALC1101 level controllers into a system or process.
    • Designed with both end users and system integrators in mind with simple configurable setup and installation.
    • Hassle free high / low level alarms easily configured for fail safe operation. 
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