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Immersion Redox Electrode System

immersion Redox electrode system R36 10B

The R36-10B Immersion Redox electrode system is a sealed combination Redox electrode system, designed for measuring the Redox value in open tanks and vessels.

Immersion Redox Electrode System R36-10B Introduction

Manufactured 900mm long in PVC, the R36-10B can be submersed within a process vessel and held in place using an optional 3/4" mounting flange. The R36-10B is designed to be immersed into the measured solution for its entire operational lifetime with removal only necessary for periodic calibration and cleaning.

The R36-10B is a disposable immersion Redox electrode system. Installation is simple.  The packaging for shipping is simply removed and then the probe is inserted into the required vessel. When the Redox electrode is consumed, it is simply removed from the process, disposed of and replaced.

The R36-10B is designed for industrial usage and as such has a large annular platinum band, and a double junction reference with silver, silver chloride (Ag-Ag-Cl)  reference electrode. The immersion Redox electrode system is resistant to electrode poisoning and gives accurate and rapid responses to changes in Redox value, making it perfect for process applications.

The Redox sensor has a sealed annular non fouling reference junction and uses a gel electrolyte. This means that the junction of the immersion Redox electrode won't block or clog ensuring that the R36-10B can remain submerged within the process vessel.

Immersion pH electrode system P36-10B Features & Benefits

The R36-10B is a neat low cost way of measuring the Redox value in a process vessel.

Measuring 900mm long the Redox sensor is simply immersed into an open tank and using the supplied 3 metres of connecting cable and BNC connector, it can simply plug into an associated Redox instrument.

The R36-10B has a measuring range of 0 ± 2000mV and is rated for operation in a temperature range of 0-60ºC.

  • Specifications


    Immersion Redox probe

    Model No:- R36-10B

    Redox Electrode:-

    • Sealed combination Redox electrode
    • Gel filled
    • Large platinum band electrode
    • Double non-fouling annular reference junction
    • 10 Feet of connecting cable with BNC fitting as standard

    Operating temperature:- 0-60ºC

    Range:- 0 ± 2000mV

    Materials of construction PVC


  • Features


    • Easy to use and easy to maintain immersion Redox electrode assembly.
    • Perfect for mounting into tanks, sumps, pits or open vessels. The electrode is encapsulated within the PVC dip assembly ensuring that the R36-10B eliminates Redox electrode replacement and possible seal leakage.
    • Precision Redox electrode with double junction and non fouling annular reference ensures that the probe can be used in most industrial applications which would foul a standard electrode.
    • The non-fouling reference junction ensures that the problem only needs to be removed for periodic calibration or cleaning.
    • Long 10 feet length of connecting cable as standard for easy connection to a Redox instrument when mounted in a process vessel.

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