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Portable pH and Conductivity Meter with ATC, pH Electrode, Conductivity Cell and Temperature Sensor

pc18 k ph and conductivity meter

The PC18-K Portable pH and Conductivity Meter is a combination meter kit comprising of a calculator sized pH, Conductivity and Temperature meter with digital display, BNC connector, ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) and carrying case. The PC18-K portable pH and conductivity meter is supplied complete with pH electrode, conductivity sensor, and stainless steel temperature sensor. The stainless steel temperature sensor can be used for direct temperature measurement or as an ATC for use during the pH measurement.

The ATC for conductivity measurement is from a temperature sensor built into the conductivity cell.  Each measure is shown individually on the digital display.

PC18-K:- Portable Multiparameter pH, Conductivity and Temperature Measurement

The PC18-K is a multiparameter meter which is able to measure the pH, Conductivity and Temperature of a solution all from the same instrument. The PC18-K is also able to compensate for each value against temperature.

PC18-K:- Portable pH and Conductivity Meter Is Supplied With

A 9015-3B plastic bodied combination pH electrode with a 3’ connecting cable and a BNC connector.

For temperature readout and auto temperature compensation on the pH range, a portable pH and conductivity meter kit is supplied complete with part number A8000 stainless steel temperature sensor.

For conductivity measurements with the PC18-K Portable pH and Conductivity meter kit, it is supplied with part number A1003 (K=1) which is a special compact black epoxy conductivity cell with graphite electrodes and it's own auto temperature sensor, which provides ATC back to a base of 25oC at 2% per ºC. The Conductivity Cell has a K Value of 1.0 which is suitable for most applications.

The Portable pH and Conductivity meter kit has many uses which include testing of boiler and cooling waters, checking demin and distilled water conductivity, and plating shop rinse water testing to help reduce water usage, along with many other industrial water treatment applications.

PC18-K Portable pH and Conductivity meter is selectable for pH, Conductivity and Temperature.  Ranges pH 0-14.00, temperature -50oC to +150oC. and conductivity 0-200 µS, 0-2000 µS or 0-20.00 mS. with auto temp comp to a base of 25ºC at 2% / ºC
Supplied with the 9005-3B epoxy bodied pH electrode, conductivity cell A1003, K=1.0 with ATC, and A8000 stainless steel temperature sensor.

PC18-K Portable Conductivity and pH Meter Specifications

  • Specifications


    PC18-K Portable pH, Conductivity, Temperature Meter

    Model No:- PC18

    pH Range:- 0-14.00 pH

    pH Resolution:- 0.01 pH

    Redox Range:- -1999 to +1999 mV

    Redox Resolution:- 2mV

    Conductivity Measuring Range:- (Selectable) 0–200.0 µS, 0–2000 µS or 0–20.00 mS.

    Conductivity Resolution:- 0.1µS

    Conductivity Auto Temp Comp (ATC):- Auto 2% per ºC at a base of 25ºC

    Temp. Range:- -50.0ºC to 150ºC

    Temp. Resolution:- 0.1ºC

    Accuracy:- ±0.02pH, ±2mV, ±1.5% µS/mS or ±0.5ºC

    Calibration:- 2 points

    Temperature compensation:- Automatic

    Temperature compensation Range:- 0ºC and 100ºC

    Electrode type:- Glass pH sensor

    Connection Type pH:- BNC Process Connector

    Connection Type Conductivity:- Mini-Din Connector

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Power supply:- 1 x 9v battery

    Battery Life:- 200 Hours

    Weight:- 400 grams

  • Features


    • Portable combination pH, Redox and Conductivity, and temperature instrument, no need for 4 separate instruments to carry!
    • The kit comes with a robust carry case with space to carry all the associated sensors.
    • Easy to setup, calibrate and take measurements.
    • Process connection meaning that installed pH electrodes and Redox probes can be measured by simply connecting their plugs to the instrument.
    • Automatic temperature compensation on all measurements, when corroborating readings from process instruments temperature can be accounted for in any recorded variation.
    • Nice easy to use instrument with excellent battery life and low power consumption - a dependable instrument for when readings are critical
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