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Dip Conductivity Cell with Cell Constant K=1.0

Dip conductivity sensor D2 10

The Dip Conductivity Cell D2-10 is designed for continuous measurement of electrolytic conductivity within tanks, sumps, pits, lagoons and other vessels.

Dip Conductivity Cell D2-10 Introduction

The D2-10 comprises of a robust conductivity cell, manufactured in cPVC; epoxy resin and carbon electrodes which are mounted into a uPVC riser tube for location into a tank or pit.

Normally mounted into process vessels, the Dip conductivity cell can be mounted into a tank using a pair of clips or alternatively the D2-10 can be mounted using an optional mounting flange to ensure that the conductivity cell is held into place.

The D2-10 can be supplied with an integral temperature measuring device to provide automatic temperature compensation.  The maximum operating temperature of the D2-10 is 50°C.

The D2-10 Dip conductivity sensor assembly is supplied as standard measuring 600mm in length, and can be manufactured to custom lengths as required.

The cell constant of the D2-10 is K=1.0 which is designed to measure conductivity ranges up to a value of 0 - 100.0mS

The D2-10 conductivity cell has a detachable connector fitted to the cell head for easy servicing and calibration as standard.  We can also offer fitted cell heads for laboratory or portable instruments.

When fitted with a removable head connector this has easy to access connections with a two wire device for conductivity only, or with a 4 wire device for conductivity with temperature compensation.

We strongly recommend pairing a 2 wire device with our specifically shielded conductivity connecting cable, model LMK2, and a 4 wire device with our conductivity connecting cable with ATC model LMK4.

D2-10 Automatic Temperature Compensation

The Dip conductivity cell D2-10 is available with automatic temperature compensation to suit a number of different conductivity controllers or conductivity transmitters. Please specify when ordering, the name and manufacturer of the conductivity instrument so that we can ensure compatibility with the automatic temperature compensation.

D2-10 Dip Conductivity Cell Features & Benefits

The D2-10 is supplied as a complete assembled unit made to any length from 300mm to 2000mm; ready for simple and permanent installation into a process vessel, either clipped into place or alternatively, please request our optional mounting flange.

A simple to use conductivity probe, the D2-10 is suitable for most general conductivity applications, where the conductivity is below 100mS. They are often found in rinse water control applications; solution strength control of pickling liquors and in detergent strength control for CIP applications in the food & brewing industries. When combined with the automatic temperature compensation, elevated temperatures in pickling baths and CIP applications are actively compensated for when using a compatible instrument.

As a reliable and accurate conductivity cell, the D2-10 is a often paired with our C3645 conductivity controller.

D2-10 Dip Conductivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Dip Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- D2-10

    Cell Constant:- K=1.0

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 100.0mS

    Length:- 600mm as standard, up to 2000mm available.

    Materials of construction Cell Graphite, Epoxy, cPVC

    Materials of construction Riser uPVC

    Max temperature uPVC:- 0-50°C

    Temperature Compensation:- Available

    Connections Fixed Connections or de-mountable Connector

  • Features


    • Simple and robust conductivity dip cell with a cell constant of K=1.0
    • Optional automatic temperature compensation for use with a wide variety of conductivity instruments.
    • Excellent general purpose dip conductivity cell for use in most industrial processes.
    • Detatchable conductivity connecting head to aid periodic maintenance and calibration.
    • Available in a standard length of 600mm with other lengths available to order.
    • Optional flange for mounting into tanks and other open vessels.
    • Proven robust design for simple operation.


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