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Auto Clean System For Dip pH Electrode Systems

auto clean system for dip ph electrodes

The ACS is an attachment for our range of Dip pH electrode systems. The auto clean system for dip pH electrodes, simply attaches onto the side of our range of Dip pH electrode systems and enables automatic cleaning of both the pH sensor and reference junction, which reduces the requirement for periodic calibration.

The auto clean system is compatible with our full suite of Dip pH Electrode systems, including the PS90S, PTT90S and PTT100S.

The auto clean system for Dip pH electrodes is simple in its operation and is available as either a jet-wash system using either water or an in-situ cleaning fluid, or using compressed air to remove any build-up of material which would affect the measurement from the Dip pH electrode sensors system.

We can offer a full system with the auto-clean Dip pH Electrode, including a dosing tank, suitable dosing pump and connections, or a compressed air solution and solenoid valve, significantly reducing system maintenance requirements.

Auto Clean System For Dip pH Electrode Systems Compatibility

The auto clean system requires a pH controller with a built in auto-clean relay such as the P7685-010. The auto-clean freezes the displayed pH value on the instrument while the auto-clean action takes place. This prevents the pH controller from recording a false pH value when the auto-clean is in progress.

A separate solenoid valve for use with a compressed air solution or a dosing pump for use with the jet-wash system will be required.

Auto Clean System Features & Benefits

The key benefit of the auto clean system is that the pH probe can remain immersed in a solution for longer durations between periodic cleaning.

For a Jet-wash auto clean system, if the solution contains greases or oils which can cause increasingly delayed response times from the Dip pH probe assemblies then, a tailored system designed to dose an alkaline solution can be used. Alternatively, if the solution contains limestone or carbonates, then a nitric acid solution can be tailored for the application.

Please note, for the optimum performance of a Jet-wash system, the discharge pressure should be greater than the surrounding pressure of the vessel. Please contact us if you require any assistance on this.

Alternatively a compressed air auto clean solution can be tailored for use, including the supply of a suitable solenoid valve and compressor.

  • Specifications


    Automatic Cleaning System for Dip Mounted pH Sensor Assemblies

    Model No:- ACS

    Compatible Dip pH Sensor assembly:-

    Compatible pH Probe:-

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Materials of construction PVC


    • Compressed Air Cleaning
    • Chemical Cleaning
    • Water-Jet Cleaning
  • Features


    • Designed to fit our full range of dip pH electrode assemblies the Auto Clean System ensures that any materials that have built up around the pH probe inhibiting the accuracy or response times are removed.
    • The system is available using either compressed air, chemical cleaning, or a liquid Jet-wash system. Depending on the nature of the application our sales team should be able to advise the right solution for you.
    • By using the auto clean system the probe can be kept online monitoring or controlling the pH value as required with the only requirement to remove the dip pH electrode assembly is for periodic calibration.
    • When used in combination with a suitable pH instrument such as the P7685 the auto-clean relay will activate the auto-clean system while also ensuring that the pH value measured by the instrument is held for the duration of the cleaning cycle. This means that any associated chart recorders connected to the 4-20mA output, or any control equipment connected to the relays won't respond to any temporary change in pH value recorded by the instrument.
    • The ACS Auto Clean System can be retrofitted to all our dip pH electrode assemblies with replaceable pH probes, such it's fully compatible with:-
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