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Conductivity Cell with built in 4-20mA Transmitter

conductivity cell with built-in 4-20mA conductivity transmitter

The BCT10 is a conductivity cell with built in 4-20mA transmitter.  The electronics are integrated into the housing, which means that a separate Conductivity Transmitter isn't required. The BCT10 can be connected directly to a PLC, online Data Logger, or to a controller mounted further away.

4-20mA Toroidal or Inductive Conductivity Transmitter

The BCT10 is a toroidal conductivity transmitter, also known as a blind electrodeless transmitter or an inductive conductivity transmitter. There is some more information about how these work on our Toroidal Conductivity Transmitter product page.

Effectively these are great at measuring electrolytic conductivity values in the higher ranges as the principle of operation is to stimulate ionic activity which is then measured. In addition, as the measuring coils of the conductivity cell are not in direct contact with the solution, they are non-fouling in solutions with higher conductivities.

BCT10 Conductivity Measuring Ranges

The BCT10 has a fixed conductivity measuring range from 0 - 10.00mS complete with integrated temperature compensation. We factory calibrate the BCT10 to this range, to ensure that installation into a process is as easy as possible. The BCT10 can simply be immersed into the solution to be measured, and then a 4-20mA output signal corresponding to the 0 - 10.00mS range can be measured across the two wires.

The BCT10 is loop powered, which means that the same two wires which power the device also carry the corresponding signal back to the receiving instrument. The 4-20mA output is galvanically isolated to 600Ω which means that integrating the device into a PLC, digital Chart Recorder or an online Data Logger is simple and straightforward.

BCT10 Features and Benefits

The BCT10 is manufactured in cPVC to offer good chemical resistance.  This allows it to operate at a temperature range of 0-50ºC with a pressure of 3 Bar at 20ºC. We also offer the BCT in PVDF for greater chemical resistance and a higher operating temperature.

The BCT10 is supplied complete with 3 metres of connecting cable as standard.  We can offer longer cable lengths up to 1000m as required.

The conductivity cell with integrated electronics can be mounted into a number of different environments. There is a rear mounted 11/2" mounting thread designed so that the BCT10 can be immersed into vessels and tanks.  This is also known as Dip mounting.

In addition the BCT10 has a 11/2" thread located at the front of the conductivity cell, allowing the BCT10 to be mounted directly inline into pipe work for continous online conductivity measurements.

BCT10 Conductivity Transmitter Applications

As a conductivity cell with a built in 4-20mA transmitter, the BCT10 works well integrating with PLC's for systems controlling external processes. The cPVC body, automatic temperature compensation and range of 0 - 10.00mS often mean that the BCT10 can be found measuring the TDS values of recirculating cooling water applications.  It is also found in CIP applications in the brewing, dairy and other food and beverage industries.

The BCT10 is a simple to use toroidal conductivity cell with an integrated 4-20mA transmitter, which offers accurate hassle free measurements, and is simple to integrate as a 2 wire device.

BCT10 Conductivity Cell with 4-20mA Transmitter Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- BCT10

    Conductivity Ranges:- 0 - 10.00mS

    Operating Temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Operating Pressure:- 3 Bar at 20ºC

    Temperature Compensation:- Internally mounted ATC

    Wetted Parts:- cPVC or PVDF

    Current output:- 4-20mA corresponding to 0 - 10.00mS range

    Power Supply:- 12 to 24VDC 600Ω at 24VDC

    Connections:- Front and rear mounted 1 1/2" threads

    Weight:- 550 grams

    Dimensions:- 71 x 95 x 58mm

  • Features


    • Toroidal or Inductive Conductivity with integrated 4-20mA transmitter and automait temperature compensation
    • Accurate conductivity measurements across the 0 - 10.00mS range - ideal for process applications.
    • Two wire device - the BCT10 is a 4-20mA conductivity transmitter powered by the same two wires that transmit the signal
    • Factory calibrated with a non-fouling inductive or toroidal sensor - requiring very little human interaction with the device.
    • Manufactured in cPVC for good chemical resistance and an operating pressure of 3 Bar at 25ºC and a temperature of 0 - 50ºC.
    • Dual 1 1/2" threaded connections for dip mounting into tanks or vessels or for screwing into a pipe for continuous online conductivity measurements.
    • Galvanically isolated for integration straigth into your process - simply connect to a PLC, online data logger or digital chart recorder, and the same 2 wires that power the device also recieve the 4-20mA signal corresponding to the 0 - 10.00mS range.
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