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Effluent Treatment Equipment

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Since our inception in 1982 Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have developed solutions for the treatment of effluent from a number of different sources.

Having worked across numerous industries we understand that the effluent produced from a process can be as specific as the process that generates it.

As such we've developed a number of different solutions designed to both monitor and log the effluent discharge parameters required as well as treat the effluent prior to discharge.

We have a number of proven solutions that designed to encompass the liquid effluent treatment which includes accurate pH measurement and control, chemical dosing for pH neutralisation, PAC or flocculant dosing as well as ancillary equipment to improve the effluent treatment efficiency, including our range of industrial mixers.


Normally our equipment is found as part of a larger effluent treatment system, where our pH controllers, dip mounting pH sensors, acid dosing pumps and caustic dosing pumps are used to neutralise the pH.

In addition to pH neutralisation we offer a range of effluent treatment or effluent monitoring solutions which are normally specified as a result of the process generating the effluent, but commonly include temperature, turbidity, and chemical dosing pumps.

Occasionally where a smaller volume of effluent is produced, we have been asked to produce one of our small effluent treatment systems, which comprise of the measuring and control instrumentation supplied as a control panel. This normally includes a pH controller as well as any other required instrumentation most commonly level controllers, flow meters and temperature controllers. In addition we skid mount the effluent treatment tank with any ancillary equipment ready mounted to the tank itself, this can include industrial mixers, level electrodes, dosing pumps and dip mounting pH sensors, and other required equipment. This can the be delivered to site to be connected and commissioned on site.

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Open Channel Flow

open channel flow

Open Channel Flow is used for final effluent discharge monitoring for both instantaneous flow rate and totalised flow rate.

We manufacture and supply V-notch tanks and flow meters which allow for final flow measurements as well as mounting points for other sensors for final effluent measurements, such as pH, turbidity and temperature.

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Dosing Pump

metering pump

Dosing pumps are items of control equipent designed to dose or meter chemical reagent into a process.

Our red dosing pumps are able to dose concentrated chemical reagents and provide accurate and reliable chemical dosing for process control, water treatment and effluent treatment applications.

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pH is the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration and is a widely used electrochemical parameter for both process control applications and for effluent treatment.

The measurement and data-logging of the pH value following pH neutralisation is normally a conditional requirement for a consent to discharge agreement.

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