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Dip pH Electrode System

dip ph electrode system ps90s

Submersible pH Electrode System Introduction

The PS90S Dip pH electrode side is designed for immersing or submersing into tanks, sumps, pits, lagoons or any other kind of non-pressurised vessel.

The standard PS90S measures 1 metre in length but can be custom built to any length up to approximately 3 metres.

The unit comes as standard with a mounting flange allowing it to be held in place over a waste water treatment or process vessel for continual online pH measurement. The PS90S is also fitted with a long 6 metre length connecting cable with a BNC connector for easy integration with a quality pH instrument.

One significant benefit of the PS90S is that it has a replaceable pH electrode insert which carries model number PS183-20B replacement pH electrode, this is simply unscrewed using the rear mounting 3/4" BSP thread. This makes calibrating the Dip pH assembly easy, because the pH electrode insert can be removed without having to man-handle a long pH Dip probe assembly. It also reduces the overall life time cost of the unit, because when it is time to replace the pH electrode insert, the old unit can be disposed of and a replacement can simply be screwed in, without the need to replace the whole submersion assembly.

The pH electrode is the PS183-20B replacement pH electrode insert. This has a 3/4" BSP thread for mounting inside the PS90S.  It comes with 20 feet of connecting cable and a BNC connector for easy connection to a pH meter.

The PS183-20B has a non-fouling annular reference junction which means that the only reason to remove the electrode from the solution is for calibration purposes. It offers an excellent response time and accuracy across the full 0-14pH range, meaning that if the unit is used in a waste water or process vessel, the change in pH value is accurately reflected by the Dip pH assembly.

Dip pH Electrode System PS90S Features & Benefits

The PS90S comes complete as a unit. It is made to a specified length, with the pH electrode insert already installed, 6M of connecting cable, BNC connector and an adjustable flange. The time it takes, from receiving the Dip pH electrode assembly to getting it up and running, is minimal.

The PS183-20B is a reliable and accurate pH electrode, which is why when combined with the PS90S, they often form one of our systems for waste water pH correction, when paired with a dosing tank, pH controller and a metering pump (and an optional industrial agitator to ensure efficient distribution of reagents).

The whole Dip pH probe assembly is manufactured in PVC and is rated for use from a temperature range of 0-50ºC.

As this is such a popular item the standard 1 metre length units are available ex-stock.

  • Specifications


    Dip pH Electrode System

    Model No:- PS90S

    Length:- 1000mm as standard, up to 3000mm available.

    Cable:- 20 feet connecting cable with BNC connection as standard, other types available.

    Replacement pH electrode pH Electrode:-

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Materials of construction PVC

  • Features


    • Dip pH electrode system for continual measurement of pH in open vessels such as tanks, sumps or pits.
    • Superb response time from the PS183-20B pH electrode insert.
    • The pH electrode can be easily and quickly removed for periodic calibration and buffering.
    • The Dip pH electrode assembly can be manufactured up to 3000mm in length to ensure that the pH is being measured at the correct point.
    • Very low cost of ownership and cost effective replacements, by simply installing a new replacement pH electrode insert model PS183-20B


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