PVDF Redox probe with tuff-tip

PVDF Redox probe model RTT283 20b

PVDF Redox probe model RTT283-20B is a Redox probe manufactured in PVDF designed as a replacement Redox insert for use with our RTT100s PVDF Dip Redox sensor assembly.

PVDF Redox Probe RTT283-20B Introduction

The RTT283-20B is a PVDF bodied Redox probe with double junction, a ceramic tuff tip magna-flow reference and a flat platinum disc.

With a PVDF body, the RTT283-20B is designed for use where aggressive Redox reactions take place or where concentrated chemicals are used. The double junction ensures that the RTT283-20B is resistant to electrode poisoning and the large ceramic tuff tip reference junction gives a quick reaction to changing Redox values, while the platinum disc ensures precision Redox readings.

PVDF Redox Probe RTT283-20 

The RTT283-20B includes a tough tip magna-flow Redox probe reference like the RTT183-20B.  This ensures that the whole sensor is virtually unbreakable from mechanical damage during standard usage.

This is specially important in a submersible mounting Redox probe like the RTT100S which is designed to measure the Redox value of an unpressurised process vessel where agitators or industrial mixers are often present.

The 3/4" BSP mounting thread make installation of the PVDF Redox probe simple and easy. The removal of the Redox probe for periodic calibration is as simple as unscrewing the Redox probe and continuing with the Redox buffer procedure.

We strongly recommend pairing the RTT283-20B with our RTT100s RTT100s PVDF Dip Redox sensor assembly, this will ensure that the both the riser tube and the Redox sensor body are all manufactured in PVDF to ensure maximum chemical compatibility.

In addition as the RTT283-20B PVDF Redox probe manufactured from PVDF it is suitable for temperatures up to 100ºC

PVDF Redox Probe RTT283-20B Features & Benefits 

The RTT283-20B is designed to give accurate Redox measurements and a quick response time to changing Redox values, continually, and in hard industrial environments.

The RTT283-20B should be paired with the RTT100s PVDF Dip Redox Sensor assembly using the 3/4" BSP mounting thread, so that it is able to be submerged inside a process vessel continuously to provide continual online Redox measurement.

The double junction is resistant to electrode poisoning and the PVDF body is designed to be resistant to concentrated chemicals and aggressive Redox reactions.

With a tuff-tip magna flow ceramic junction and platinum disc the probe is virtually unbreakable to mechanical damage during normal usage and the probe is fitted with 6 metres of specifically shielded electrode cable as standard.

The RTT283-20B is suitable for operating temperatures up to 100ºC.

  • Specifications



    Replacement Redox probe

    Model No:-RTT283-20B

    Range:- 0 ± 2000mV

    Installation:- Single 3/4" BSP Thread

    Mounting:- Submersion

    Housing Material:-Kynar (PVDF)

    Electrode:- Platinum Disc

    Junction:- Double Junction

    Reference:-Tuff Tip Magna Flow Liquid Junction

    Operating temperature:- 0 - 100ºC

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable LengthConnector
    RTT283-10B 3 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    RTT283-20B 6 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    RTT283-30B 9 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    RTT283-10T 3 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections
    RTT283-20T 6 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections
    RTT283-30T 9 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections
    RTT283-10A 3 Metres U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments
    RTT283-20A 6 Metres U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments
    RTT283-30A 9 Metres U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments
    RTT283-10I 3 Metres Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments
    RTT283-20I 6 Metres Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments
    RTT283-30I 9 Metres Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments
    RTT283-10K 3 Metres Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments
    RTT283-20K 6 Metres Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments
    RTT283-30K 9 Metres Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments

    For more information on the connection type please take a look at our pH electrode connection types page.

    Electrodes with a longer cable lengths or custom cable lengths are available to order.

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