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200 Litre Dosing Tank

200 litre dosing tank model DT200

200 Litre Dosing Tank manufactured in food grade MDPE

200 Litre Dosing Tank DT200 Introduction

The DT200 is a dosing tank with a capacity of 200 litres, designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment or process applications, with dimensions of 635 Ø x 785 H (mm).

The 200 Litre Dosing Tank is manufactured from food grade and U.V stabilised MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene), which is rotatory moulded in the UK, to give a single piece construction chemical dosing tank.

The DT200 provides a simple and cost effective way of storing up 200 litres of chemical, which can then be transferred into a process using a Dosing Pump or other equipment as required.

The 200 Litre Dosing Tank has a graduated scale on the front of the tank, which is colour contrasted on our natural coloured tanks.  This allows the user to visually inspect the contents of the tank, at a glance.

The 200 Litre Dosing Tank is available in a range of colours including: black for use with liquids with a low vapour pressure, such as Sodium Hypochlorite or Hydrogen Peroxide, as well as Red to denote a specific chemical or in natural U.V Stabalised MDPE.

Screw Top Lid

The 200 Litre DT200 Dosing Tank is moulded as a single piece construction, with the threaded section moulded at the point of manufacture.  This means that our 200 Litre Dosing Tank has no seams or welds.  The single piece construction increases the mechanical strength of the dosing tank, and as there are no weak points in the tanks construction, it reduces the risk of the tank becoming compromised, during normal operation.

As the thread is integral to the construction of the tank, there are no screws holding the threaded section into place, which ensures a completely corrosion free storage environment.

Supplied complete with the tank is a black screw fitting lid with dimensions of 190mm Ø, to keep the contents of the 200 Litre Dosing Tank securely locked away, when not in use.  The aperture of the tank opening is 130mm Ø.

DT200 Equipment Mounting

The DT200 is manufactured with a raised flat shelf, designed so that equipment can be mounted on top of the tank.

Due to the robust construction of the tank and flat top, we are able to offer the DT200 fitted with monitoring sensors from our range including Industrial Mixers, dip pH, Redox, or Conductivity assemblies as well as Liquid Level Sensor Assemblies, to allow the automated switching of control equipment.

Where more than one item is mounted on to the tank, or where the equipment is heavy, we're able to fit a tank top strengthening plate model to the dosing tanks.


As the 200 Litre Dosing Tank can be used as a 200 Litre process vessel.  We can supply the DT200 complete with fittings or with other modifications to suit your application.

We can fit solenoid valves, actuated valves (manually, pneumatically or electrically actuated), as well as inlets, outlets and other general pipework and fittings, depending upon your requirements.

Bund Tank for DT200

The DT200 can be supplied complete with an associated bund tank to ensure compliance with Health & Safety legislation and to provide containment, in the event of the tank becoming compromised.

The companion bund for the DT200 Dosing Tank is the BT200 Bund Tank, which allows the tank to be stood in the bund tank and for the top of the tank to be easily accessible.  The BT200 has a total capacity of < 220 Litres.

200 Litre Dosing Tank Features & Benefits

The 200 Litre Dosing Tank model DT200 is manufactured in the UK using moulding techniques to give a single piece construction, with no welds or seams, ensuring greater mechanical strength.

The MDPE is U.V. stabilised, ensuring no discolouration to the tank, even when stored outside.  The MDPE is available in natural with colour contrasted graduation scales, allowing the operator to easily view the liquid level.

Chemically resistant MDPE is compatible with a wide range of chemical reagents and is also supplied to food grade standards.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch, if you wish to check the complicity of your reagents with MDPE.

We can supply our 200 Litre Chemical Dosing Tank in black for use with chemicals that have a low vapour pressure such as sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, and with a companion bund.

Our single piece construction includes the thread for the screw top lid.  This means that there are no fixings used in the construction of the tank, ensuring that it is both corrosion free and mechanically strong.  The screw top lid can be fixed to the tank tightly, containing the chemical inside.

We can supply the DT200 chemical Dosing Tank with modifications for process applications, completely unmodified with the companion BT200 Bund, or as a stand alone 200 litre chemical dosing tank.

DT200 Specifications

  • Specifications


    200 Litre Dosing Tank

    Model No:- DT200

    Max. Operating Temperature:- 35°C

    Materials:- MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene)

    Standard Colours:- (U.V Stabilised) Black, Red, Blue, Green or Natural

    Accuracy:- ±2% of stated sizes

    Dimensions:- 635 Ø x 785 H (mm)

    Cap Size:- 190mm

    Opening Size:- 130mm

  • Features


    • 200 Litre storage capacity in MDPE with screw top lid with fully moulded integral thread.
    • Rotary Moulded in the UK using a one piece moulding process.
    • Designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment and process control applications. 
    • Food grade MDPE.
    • Split level top for mounting of equipment.
    • Graduated scale of contents in contrasting colour on natural tanks.
    • Available in U.V stabilised Black, Natural, or in Red / Blue so the contents is easily recognised as an Acid / Alkali.
    • Black tanks designed for use with low vapour pressure chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite.
    • Can be modified to your specifications before shipping.


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