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4/6 PVC

4x6mm PVC Dosing Tube

4x6mm PVC dosing tube

4x6mm PVC dosing tube is designed for vacuum applications such as the suction side of a dosing pump and can be supplied cut to size from any length up to 100 metres.

4x6mm PVC Dosing Tube.

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) dosing tube is available with an internal diameter of 4mm and an external diameter of 6mm for use with chemical dosing pumps such as our AT1 series, AT2 series and AT3 series.

4x6mm PVC is fully transparent, offers good chemical resistance and is designed to be suspended into a chemical container or dosing tank providing a suction route for a chemical dosing tank. We strongly recommend checking the compatibility of your chemical reagent with the PVC dosing tube, using our chemical compatibility checker.

4x6mm PVC Dosing Tube Properties

Internal DiameterOutside DiameterTolerancesWeightBurst PressureTemp. RangeBend Diameter
4mm 6mm ±0.2 mm 19 g/m N/A -15°C to + 60°C 64mm

Technical information for use as a guide only.  Pressure values given are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C.  Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decline in working pressure values.  We strongly recommend you check our chemical compatibility database and speak to your chemical supplier, to ensure that all materials are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

4x6mm PVC Dosing Tube Features & Benefits

4x6mm PVC dosing tube is a soft, transparent tube offering good chemical resistance, making it ideal for suction tubing on dosing pumps and is available with lengths up to 100 metres or cut to size.

Flexibility, low cost and with a fair working temperature, suitable for most applications, makes 4x6mm PVC dosing tube ideal for most chemical dosing applications, subject to chemical compatibility.  In addition to chemical dosing applications, the soft 4x6mm PVC dosing tube is suitable for use in food & beverage applications and doesn't impart taste or odour into contents.

4/6 PVC Specifications

  • Specifications


    4x6mm PVC Dosing Tube

    Model Number:- 4/6 PVC

    Internal Diameter:- 4mm

    External Diameter:- 6mm

    Tolerance:- ±0.20mm

    Weight:- 19.0 Grams / Metre

    Burst Pressure (at 20°C):- Not Suitable

    Bend Diameter:- 64mm

    Minimum Temperature:- -15°C

    Maximum Temperature:- +60°C

  • Applications


    4 x 6mm PVC is suitable for vaccum applications only and is mainly confined to being used for the suction side of dosing pumps. The 4x6mm PVC is suitable for use on the suction and bleed valves of the following models of pumps:-

    4x6mm PVC is manufactured using the finest quality materials and is very flexible, durable, and a light weight hose suitable for use with chemical reagents and food stuffs. We strongly recommend that you check that LDPE is compatible with your chemical reagent using our chemical compatibility database or with your chemical supplier and that all chemical dosing tube is protected from frost, direct sunlight and is installed inside a secondary pipe or hose to provide mechanical protection and containment.

    The 4x6mm PVC is highly transparent allowing visual inspection of the suction tubing to be carried out easily and is designed to provide a long operational life service life.

  • Appearance


    4 x 6mm PVC Dosing Tube is transparent in colouring, soft to the touch and highly flexible.

    The PVC dosing tube is stamped with:-

    • Part Number
    • (EU) N°10/2011 Food Standards Marking
    • Batch number

    As an alternative to suction tubing we can offer a range of suction lance assemblies.


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