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Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter for making DO2 measurements


Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

A portable Dissolved Oxygen meter is designed for measuring the DO2 or dissolved oxygen in a solution and is suitable for both laboratories and for industrial environments.

Considering the significance of temperature on Dissolved Oxygen measurements, our dissolved oxygen sensor includes integrated temperature measuring devices for use as automatic temperature compensation within the dissolved oxygen meter.

Our dissolved oxygen meter is able to give accurate dissolved oxygen measurements in either Saturation (%) or as a Concentration ( mg/L). The options are user configurable and are designed to allow an operator to obtain precision results for either environmental analysis or for ascertaining the correct amount of oxygen scavengers to be used in industrial processes.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved Oxygen meters are used for a variety of different environmental and process measurements. A portable dissolved oxygen meter is often used for preliminary measurements or for laboratory analysis. Where a process doesn't require automation from a dissolved oxygen controller or if data-logging isn't required - then a dissolved oxygen meter is an excellent piece of instrumentation.

Alternatively, a dissolved oxygen meter is often used to corroborate readings from permanently installed DO2 controllers or where an optical dissolved oxygen transmitter is used to prove a 4-20mA feed directly to a PLC or data-logging device.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Calibration

The calibration of a quality dissolved oxygen meter is very straightforward. By holding the dissolved oxygen sensor a few millimetres above the surface of a sample of water, the percentage saturation will be 100%, giving us our first calibration point.

When the Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is immersed into a solution of demin water saturated with Sodium Sulphite (Sodium Sulfite), the Sodium Bisulphite (Sodium Bisulfite) acts as an oxygen scavenger, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen to zero  - giving our second calibration point of zero for the dissolved oxygen meter. We recommend dissolving 2g of Sodium Sulfite into 100ml of demin water.

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter Range

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter OX25-K

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter OX25-K

OX25-K Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter kit with digital display, supplied complete with dissolved oxygen sensor and temperature sensor.

  • 0 - 200% dissolved oxygen saturation with a resolution of 1%.
  • 0 - 19.9mg/L (ppm) dissolved oxygen concentration with a resolution of 0.1ppm.
  • -50° to 150°C temperature with a resolution of 0.1°C.

With over 200 hours of operational life from a single 9V battery, the OX25-K is a powerful portable dissovled oxygen meter worthy of any environmental or process engineers portfolio of equipment.

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