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We are getting ready for 2023

As we come to the end of our 40th year in business we would like to thank all our loyal customers for their business and support over many years of working with us. This year 2022 has been a very busy and challenging year for us all, with constantly increasing prices and poor deliveries of components we have done our best to keep everybody happy.

We are preparing for whatever outcome happens during 2023, as being in business for 40 years we have gone through difficult times before. We have excellent relationships with our trading partners many for over 30 years in both the United Kingdom, Europe & USA and and will not be changing anything at present.

We have increased our stocks of popular items, placed call off orders to ensure regluar supplies of consumable items and service spares. We have good stock levels at our Stafford facility ready for 2023 to over come delivery delays in the new year of panel and surface mounting instruments electronic dosing pumps our new GEA-R series of double requlation foot mounting pumps.

Be aware that as of January 1st 2023 prices are bound to increase as new pricing is introduced. If you have requirements for early 2023 now is a good time to place those and any extra orders you require so they can be delivered without any delay or price increase.

New GEA-R Series Dosing Pumps

gea r pumps

For 2023 we are pleased to introduce a new foot mounting electronic dosing pumps to our range the GEA-R series which will replace the existing GEA foot mounting pumps. The advantage of the new GEA-R foot mounting electronic dosing pumps is a mechanical stroke adjustment allowing easy adjustment of the dosing pumps output over a range of 0 to 100% of the pumps rated output.

The GEA-R-BL also has a manual frequency or pump speed output control which provides a combine turndown ratio of 1000 to 1. The GEA-R -BL also features a low level cutout input from an optional float switch, this can also be used to start and stop the pump from a volt free contact in an instrument or PLC.

The model GEA-R-MT is a full blown microprocessor controlled dosing pump which has the ability for manually setting the pump speed or stroking rate by the use the up/down keys. Automatically controlling the pump speed or stroking rate by a 4 - 20 mA control signal or volt free contact closure (external pacing) where the incoming pulse rate can be multiplied or divided to achieve the maximum pump speed of 300 strokes/min. The external pacing signal is usually available as an output in either a contacting head water meter, magnetic flow meter for flow proportional dosing or for pH control form our P6587 or P7687 pH controllers.

The GEA-R range of pumps are manufactured in a polypropylene housings, which provide weatherproof protection designed to IP65. Supplied with each pump are accessories comprising of foot & valve strainer unit, injection fitting and soft PVC suction hose and ridged LDPE dosing hose.

Waste Water Discharge


As instrument engineers we regularly supply systems for measuring waste water discharge from many industrial processes. This can be anything from a metal finishing process using aggressive chemical reagents to a food factory dropping CIP (cleaning in place) solutions or a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

As part of the customers consent to discharge various parameters pH, temperature and flow are specified to be measured and recorded / data logged. Verification is required that the daily volume and maximum instkantation flow rates of the consent to discharge are not exceeded this can be achieved by data logging the volume even 24 hours from the totaliser and providing a constant data log of the flow rate usually in litres per second.

Very often a flow proportional auto sampler is specified to take daily composite samples of the effluent discharge which can be removed for analysis in a lab. There are samplers which can take two composite samples so when the inspector call yesterdays sample is always available for sampling. This is fine till the weekend so we are offering an auto sampler which can take upto 4 daily composite samples and store the in a refrigerated compartment to keep them cool. This prevents any biological degrading of the sample over a weekend. We are also able to supply samplers with a parasol so multiple samples can be taken and stored. The sampler is mains powered built into an insulated GRP housing for outside installation to take samples from either a vee notch tank or flume.

Low Level Alarm


float switch

While on holiday last year on a remote site in Cornwall with 4 barn conversions and the owner converted farm house which draws water from a bore hole.

The owner had a problem with the bore hole pump failing to pump water. The water is pumped via various filters and an ultraviolet steriliser into a buffer tank which in feeds a constant pressure pump set feeding the properties. The first owners knew when they received a report there was no water supply.

The very efficient local service supplier who turned out to be a customer of ours supplied and fitted a new pump within 24 hours. To over come this problem in future we have supplied an auto dialler system with an FS10 float switch to call the owners mobile phone in the event of a low water level in the balance tank.

The float switch will be set as near to the top of the tank as possible to avoid erroneous alarms. This system can easily be adapted to alarm on any low or high level in a tank or sump and there are options for multiple inputs to suit more than one tank or vessel. Any other critical alarms can be alarmed on such as high or low temperatures, pH out of limits high pressure in a system all we need is a volt free contact closure.

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