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Chemical Dosing For The Textile Industry

Chemical dosing equipment for the textile industry

Since our inception in 1982 we've worked with our customers in the textile industry to provide solutions for process control, water treatment and effluent treatment.

When we originally began working with the textile industry, Marks & Spencer was still the largest purchaser of UK sourced textiles and there were mills stretching throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and right down through the Pennines through to Derbyshire.

We've continued to work with the our customers in the Textile industry since 1982 and the changes that the industry has been through. There are numerous disciplines within he textile industry including the manufacturing, processing and dying of textiles, where some disciplines have a tendency to use large volumes of water as well as chemical reagents.

With over 35 years of experience in proving measurement and control equipment to the textile industry we've worked with tanneries, synthetic textiles and natural textile processing and have provided a number of solutions for effluent treatment, waste water treatment and final effluent discharge monitoring as well as proving process control systems including those designed to provide chemical dosing, chemical batching and full automation of process control systems.


One recent project we worked with a customer on was to provide a caustic dosing system for one of our regular customers. This system combined a large peristaltic pump with an output of up to 320 Litres / Hour controlled from a PLC. The PLC allowed an operator to input a desired quantity of chemical into the the HMI (Human Machine Interface) which called for the peristaltic pump to deliver the required reagent.

Safety controls were included with he control panel including local and remote e-stop button and low level inputs to prevent the peristaltic pump from operating when a low chemical level was present.

During the consultation phase of the project a P&ID was produced, and with agreement from the customer the design and build of the PLC and control panel system was undertaken by Automated Water & Effluent Ltd. In addition to chemical batching systems - we've developed numerous process vessels, pH control and conductivity controls for the textile industry. 

 If you have an application you would like to discuss with us then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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