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1250 Litre Chemical Storage Tank

1250 litre chemcial storage tank model ST1250

1250 litre chemical storage tank manufactured in MPDE with centre mounted man way access.

1250 Litre Chemical Tank ST1250 Introduction

The ST1250 is a chemical storage tank with a capacity of 1250 litres, designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment or process applications with dimensions of 1200 Ø x 1200 H (mm).

The 1250 litre chemical tank is manufactured in U.V stabilised MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene), which is rotatory moulded in the UK to provide a free standing chemical vessel suitable for both storage or process applications.

1250 Litre Chemical Tank Equipment Mounting

The ST1250 is designed for use as a chemical storage vessel or for use in process applications. To aid in the processes including water treatment and effluent treatment the ST1250 can be fitted with a strengthening plate, mixer bridge, or a combination of both to ensure that industrial mixers, dosing pumps, dip mounting pH, Redox, conductivity, and other submersible sensors such as dissolved oxygen and liquid level sensors can be mounted on to the tank.

1250 Litre Chemical Storage Tank with Man Way Access

To facilitate periodic maintenance and commissioning the ST1250 has a man-way access point which measures 455mm Ø. With two handles moulded into the lid of the man-way access point - the lid can be rotated to ensure that it is sealed into place.

ST1250 Pipework and Other Modifications

Designed to be suitable as both a 1250 litre chemical storage tank as well as a 1250 litre a processing tank the ST1250 can be manufactured with a number of modifications in place.

We can modify the ST1250 to specification which can include the addition of internal pipework for inlets / outlets as well as external pipework terminating in unions fittings, flanges or BSP threaded pipework.

To complement the addition of pipework we can also add actuated valves whether manually actuated, pneumatically actuated or electrically actuated, as well as solenoid valves and other in flow equipment.

Double Confined 1250 Litre Tank

Where the ST1250 is to be located without an external containment pit, bund or sump we can provide the ST1250 manufactured as a double skinned tank.

The double skinned tanks are sometimes referred to as self-bunded, or as a double confined 1250 litre chemical storage tank. This is where the 1250 Litre chemical tank is manufactured with a second outer covering around the primary internal tank.

In the event of the primary tank becoming compromised or failing - the external second "skin" provides a containment bund ensuring that the chemical contents do not leak and is designed to satisfy health & safety legislation.

1250 Litre Chemical Tank For an SG up to 2.0

Our standard ST1250 is designed to work with solutions with a total specific gravity (SG) of up to 1.5 SG.

Where chemicals are being used where the Specific Gravity is greater than 1.5 SG we can offer the ST1250 manufactured with thicker MDPE walls to provide a chemical storage tank for solutions with an SG up to 2.0 SG.

When considering a chemical tank suitable for a specific gravity of up to 2.0 SG please consider the additional weight of the tank.

ST1250 Deliveries and Installation

Our ST1250 chemical storage tanks are loaded onto a same day carrier at our facility in Stafford UK and delivered straight to your site address. We're able to offer deliveries to main land Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland using our same day carrier facility.

To aid delivery of our 1250 litre capacity chemical storage tanks - these are manufactured complete with hoisting points located on top of the tanks. These are designed to enable the tanks to be connected to a crane and lifted straight from the back of our carrier and into the location required.

Where cranes aren't available please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can advise on safe handling techniques.

1250 Litre Dosing Tank Features & Benefits

As a free standing 1250 Litre chemical storage tank the ST1250 is manufactured in UV stabilised black MDPE making it suitable for a wide range of chemical reagents including low vapour pressure chemical such as sodium hypochlorite where the chemical doesn't have a specific gravity higher than an SG of 1.5 SG.

The ST1250 can be supplied as a base chemical storage tank measuring 1200 Ø x 1200 H (mm) and is constructed so that a strengthening plate can be added to the top of the tank to support tank mounted equipment, as well as a mixer bridge or a combination of both a strengthening plate and mixer bridge.

In addition to tank mounted equipment we can offer the ST1250 with a number of modifications designed to ensure that the 1250 litre chemical storage tank can integrated into an existing or new process. These modifications include the addition of pipework and valves with flange, union or BSP threaded terminations.

As well as modifying the standard ST1250 we can offer a number of alternatives during manufacture - including strengthening the tank walls to make the ST1250 suitable for use with solutions where the specific gravity can be as high as 2.0 SG.

In addition to increasing the mechanical strength for chemical solutions with a high specific gravity - we can offer the ST1250 with a secondary chamber to create a double skinned, or self bunded tank. Designed to provide containment in the event that the primary chamber is compromised - the double skinned tanks are designed to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation where a bund sump or pit isn't available.

ST1250 Specifications

  • Specifications


    1250 Litre Chemical Storage Tank

    Model No:- ST1250

    Capacity:- 1250 Litres (~ 275 imperial gallons)

    Max. Operating Temperature:- 25°C

    Maximum Specific Gravity:- S.G. 1.5 (Optional 2.0 S.G. tank option available)

    Number Of Walls:- Single Wall (double confined tank option available)

    Materials:- MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene)

    Standard Colours:- Black.

    Accuracy:- ±2% of stated sizes.

    Dimensions:- 1200 Ø x 1200 H (mm)

    Manway Access Aperture:- 455mm

    Options:- ST1250-2 - Double Wall / Self Bunded Tank Option Available. 

    Optons:- Thickened MDPE walls for use with chemicals up to an S.G. 2.0


  • Features


    • 1250 Litre storage capacity in MDPE (Medium Density PolyEthylene) with man way access.
    • Rotary Moulded in the UK. 
    • Designed specifically for use in water treatment, effluent treatment and process control applications. 
    • Available double confined to provide an integral confinement bund in the event of the chemical storage tank failure.
    • Can be fitted with industrial mixer bridge or equipment shelf for the mounting of tank top equipment.
    • U.V stabilised natural MDPE and suitable for use with low vapour pressure chemicals. 
    • Can be modified to your specifications before shipping.
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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