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V-Notch Tank

V-Notch Tank in black polypropylene

The VNT is a V-notch tank designed for final effluent discharge monitoring in accordance with a consent to discharge agreement.

V-Notch Tank (VNT) Introduction

The V-Notch tank is manufactured in polypropylene for final effluent discharge monitoring in accordance with a consent to discharge agreement.  The VNT range is suitable for discharge into a watercourse or drain and also functions for a wide range of flow rates.

As there is variation in the requirements for a V-Notch tank, we ensure that our V-Notch tank range is manufactured in accordance with our customers specifications.  These often include ensuring that the V-Notch tank is manufactured with a width, length and height suitable for the space available.  Also, as the tanks can be positioned both inside or outside, we can take this into account.

We include a mounting point for an ultrasonic Flow Meter to ensure that the final effluent discharge flow rate can be accurately calculated, and when used with a certifiable instrument, the V-Notch tank assembly can be certified in accordance with MCerts.

Finally, as each customers consent to discharge will be specified against the process and resulting effluent, we ensure that a number of sensors can be mounted into the V-Notch tank in accordance with the MCerts.  These sensors often include Dip pH sensors, and Temperature sensors.  We can also ensure that Turbidity Sensors, Dip Conductivity Cells or Redox sensors can be mounted.  We can also accommodate other types of sensor if required.

V-Notch Tank with V-Notch Plates

As well as fabricated out V-Notch tanks, we also offer 3 types of V-notch plate which can be securely mounted in place on the V-Notch tank.

The V-Notch plates are available with the following angles:-

The V-Notch plates can be secured in-place as per the guidelines outlined for MCerts compliance.  For information regarding matching a V-Notch plate to your flow rate, please get in touch and we'd be happy to assist.

V-Notch Tank Features & Benefits

Our range of V-Notch tanks are manufactured to a customers requirements.  We ensure that all our V-Notch tanks are supplied so that they can be MCerts certified as required.

The V-Notch tanks are suitable for effluent discharge monitoring or outfall monitoring inline with a consent to discharge agreement, and as supplied complete with mounting points for a number of different sensors.

The instantaneous flow rate and totalised flow rate can be calculated within the V-Notch tank, using the mounting point for an ultrasonic flow meter.

Our V-Notch tanks are designed and manufactured in the UK at our Stafford facility.  We offer quick turn-around times and all V-Notch tanks are despatched straight from our facility on a same day carrier directly to your premises.

V-Notch Tank Specifications

  • Specifications


    V-Notch Tank

    Model No:- VNT

    Range:- 0-28.0 Litres Per Second

    Max. Operating Temperature:- 55°C

    Wetted Parts:- Polypropylene (V-Notch Plates 316 SS)

    Dimensions:- Custom

    Companion Items:-

  • Features


    • Designed and manufactured in the UK with delivery direct from our Stafford facility for quick turn around time and to ensure safe delivery. 
    • Designed to ensure compliance with MCerts and to fit with you process.
    • Custom dimensions with mounting points for an ultrasonic flow meter and any sensors required in accordance with your consent to discharge agreements. 
    • Customised filling points to negate foaming affects of some liquids and with outlet points specified to ensure easy integration with your drain point. 
    • Manufactured in robust polypropylene and with securing points to attach a suitable V-Notch plate.
    • Options for V-Notch located inside or outside.
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