Portable Conductivity Meter and Conductivity Cell with ATC

conductivity meter portable kit

The CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter is designed to accurately measure the conductivity of solutions in industrial applications or laboratory environments.

CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter Introduction

The CL8-K is supplied as a complete conductivity meter kit with the CL8 conductivity meter, a conductivity cell with integrated temperature compensation and a professional carrying case.

The CL8-K is supplied with our A1000 conductivity cell as standard with a conductivity cell constant of K=1.0. When working with the CL8-K the A1003 is accurate for ranges across  0 - 2000µS with automatic temperature compensation to 2% from a base of 25ºC.

The CL8-K portable conductivity meter is capable of the following ranges with the associated resolutions:-

  • 0-199.9µS with a resolution of 0.1µS.
  • 0-1999µS with a resolution of 1.0µS.
  • 0-19.99mS with a resolution of 1mS.

When working across a range of 0-199.9µS we recommend pairing the instrument with our conductivity cell model A1000 which has a K=0.1 cell constant and automatic temperature compensation. For a higher range of 0-19.99mS we suggest pairing the CL8-K with the A1007 conductivity cell which has as cell constant of K=10.0 which again has automatic temperature compensation.

CL8-K:- Portable Conductivity Meter Features & Benefits

The CL8-K is designed for ease of operation. The unit comes supplied in a professional carrying case, complete with a choice of conductivity cell for accurate measurement of different processes. Each conductivity cell has built in automatic temperature compensation for precision conductivity readings.

The CL8-K has a zero and span potentiometer, allowing the calibration of the conductivity meter to be as simple as possible.

The CL8-K is about the size of a normal scientific calculator with dimensions of 145 x 90 x 39mm and weighing under 200 grams. The low power consumption combined with long battery life means that the CL8-K will run for over 200 hours from a single PP3 battery.

The CL8-K can measure in either µS or mS ranges, allowing a variety of cells to be used with the conductivity meter, depending on the application.

Designed with engineers in mind, the CL8-K is often used to measure and corroborate the conductivity value of demin or distilled water; towns water; boiler water blowdown or water from evaporative cooling towers. Many of our customers keep a CL8-K or a combination PC18-K combined pH and Conductivity meter on the bench for testing samples in beakers.

CL8 Portable Conductivity Meter Specifications

  • Specifications


    CL8-K Portable Conductivity Meter

    Model No:- CL8

    Conductivity Measuring Range K=0.1:- 0–199.9 µS

    Conductivity Measuring Range K=1.0:- 0–1999 µS

    Conductivity Measuring Range K=10.0:- 0–19.99 mS

    Conductivity Resolution K=0.1:- 0.1µS

    Conductivity Measuring Range K=1.0:- 0–1µS

    Conductivity Measuring Range K=10.0:- 0–1mS

    Conductivity Cell Constants Supported:-

    Conductivity Auto Temp Comp (ATC):- Auto 2% per ºC at a base of 25ºC

    Accuracy:- ± 1.0 to 1.5% of range in use

    Calibration:- 2 points

    Temperature compensation:- Automatic

    Temperature compensation Range:- 0ºC to 50ºC

    Connection Type Conductivity:- Mini-Din Connector

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Power supply:- 1 x 9v battery

    Battery Life:- 200 Hours

    Weight:- 400 grams

  • Features


    • Portable combination pH, Redox and Conductivity, and temperature instrument, no need for 4 separate instruments to carry!
    • The kit comes with a robust carry case with space to carry all the associated sensors.
    • Easy to setup, calibrate and take measurements.
    • Process connection meaning that installed pH electrodes and Redox probes can be measured by simply connecting their plugs to the instrument.
    • Automatic temperature compensation on all measurements, when corroborating readings from process instruments temperature can be accounted for in any recorded variation.
    • Nice easy to use instrument with excellent battery life and low power consumption - a dependable instrument for when readings are critical
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets

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