Rugged pH Electrode

rugged ph electrode model 9060 10B

The 9060-10B Rugged pH Electrode is designed for use in tough conditions where a standard glass pH electrode may break. The pH bulb and magna-flow reference junction combined with the plastic housing make this an ideal robust pH electrode, where breakages can be a problem.

Rugged pH Electrode Model 9060-10B Introduction

The 9060-10B rugged pH electrode combines a rugged pH Bulb with the tuff-tip sensor shape to give a robust pH electrode. The 9060-10B is an epoxy bodied, sealed combination pH electrode with rugged pH bulb and magna-flow reference junction. The magna-flow reference junction is non-fouling and the recessed rugged pH bulb is designed not to break in tough conditions.

The 9060-10B gives a quick response time, precision measurement and offers excellent repeatability.

The 9060-10B is designed to be a robust pH Electrode. We once had a lab technician who was fond of dropping pH electrodes, glass end on, into beakers, resulting in many a glass pH bulb being smashed. The 9060-10B was designed to withstand that kind of harsh treatment.

Rugged pH Electrode Model 9060-10B Features & Benefits

The 9060-10B rugged pH electrode with sealed combination non-fouling magna-flow reference junction is suitable for tough laboratory or industrial applications. This pH electrode is designed for rugged applications and gives precision measurements across the full 0-14pH range and is suitable for a temperature range of 0-100°C.

For tougher laboratory applications the electrode is easily paired with one of our portable pH meters and the 9060-10B pH electrode is widely used with our pH controller range for inline applications.

The mounting cap on the rugged pH Electrode model 9060-10B is Ryton with a small flange for mounting the pH electrode into our PES style holders.

Rugged pH Electrode Model 9060-10B Connection Types and cable length

The 9060-10B pH electrode is available with a number of connection types. As standard, we supply the 9060-10B with 3 metres of connecting cable and a BNC fitting.

For custom fitting types, please see the below table for the ordering number and options:-

  • Specifications


    Rugged pH Electrode

    Model No:- 9060-10B

    Range:- 0-13 pH

    Operating Temperature:- 0-100ºC

    Electrode type:- Sealed Combination Rugged pH electrode with tuff tip

    Junction Type:- Single Junction

    Reference Type:- Non-fouling Tuff Tip Magna Flow junction and Isolated Silver - Silver Chloride reference

    Dimensions:- 110mm Long x 12mm ø

    Additional:- The pH bulb is virtually unbreakable during standard applications

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberCable LengthConnector
    9060-3B 1 Metre BNC Connector (Most Common)
    9060-10B 3 Metres BNC Connector (Most Common)
    9060-S8 N/A S8 Connector (No Cable)
    9060-3T 1 Metre Stripped & Tinned Connections
    9060-10T 3 Metres Stripped & Tinned Connections
    9060-3A 1 Metre U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments
    9060-10A 3 Metres U.S. Standard Connector fitted to older U.S. pH Instruments
    9060-3I 1 Metre Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments
    9060-10I 3 Metres Din 19262 Connector for German pH Instruments
    9060-3K 1 Metre Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments
    9060-10K 3 Metres Belling Lee Connector for older U.K. pH Instruments

    For more information on the connection type please take a look at our pH electrode connection types page.

    Electrodes with a longer cable or custom cable length are available to order.

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