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Ultrasonic level transmitter range which outputs a 4-20mA signal proportional to the level of liquid in a tank or vessel.


Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are an excellent way of measuring the liquid contained with a tank or vessel.

The devices are designed to be above the surface of the liquid to be measured, which can include mounting into the top of a closed tank, or on an optional mounting bracket.

Manufactured with an IP67 housing and from chemically resistant materials our ultrasonic level transmitters are designed for to provide accurate and cost effective level measurement solutions on non-foaming liquids, and liquids without a low vapour pressure.

Level Controller Principle of Operation

The instrument is mounted above a tank or vessel using the integral 2" BSP threaded connecting, and must be located at least 0.4 metres above the surface of the solution.

The transmitter is then calibrated to the storage vessel which includes telling the instrument the distance from the surface of the liquid when the vessel is full and the distance to the bottom of the tank. With these parameters inputted into the instrument we can accurately measure the liquid level within the tank.

By transmitting an ultrasonic signal to the surface of a liquid and measuring the amount of time it takes for the signal to be returned, the ultrasonic level transmitter calculates the distance from the surface to the transceiver.

4-20mA Output Signal

The range of ultrasonic level transmitters a micro-processor driven to provide accurate level measurements as well as simple programming and operation.

The levels of the instrument are inserted using a simple array of touch buttons and visualised on an easy to read LCD (liquid crystal display).

The output of the instrument is via an industry standard isolated 4-20mA signal which is easily interfaced with a PLC, online data logger or a from a 4-20mA controller. The output signal can be programmed directly into ultrasonic level transmitter to correspond to the maximum and minimum values contained within the storage vessel.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Range



The MTR-046 is a chemical resistant IP67 level transmitter is designed to measure the distance or the level of the surface of water in a tank or process vessel and suitable for use with liquids and solids. It uses non-contact technology, which makes it ideal for installations that need to minimise maintenance costs. The display module is also removable allowing it to be used as either a fixed display or as a calibration module.

As the MTR-046 uses an industry standard 4-20mA signal, it is ideal for connecting to our range of 4-20mA controllers, a PLC or a Data Logging device.

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