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Ultrasonic flow meter which provides instantaneous and totalised flow measurements from an open channel or v-notch tank for final effluent discharge agreements


Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Our Ultrasonic Flow meters are comprised two main components. An ultrasonic transducer which is designed to be mounted above a V-notch tank to provide continuous level measurements using a similar technology to our Ultrasonic Level Transmitters.

The ultrasonic level transducer provides a constant signal to the second component, which is a corresponding flow meter. The flow meter is surface mounting instrument which interprets the signal from the ultrasonic transducer and displays the instantaneous and totalised flow.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter For Waste Water & Discharge Monitoring

Our range of ultrasonic flow meters is designed specially for V-Notch tanks, or other flow and weir applications which correspond to BS3680, commonly used for waste water and effluent discharge monitoring, normally as part of a consent to discharge agreement.

Using the instrument software the specific dimensions and angle of the v-notch plate as well as the mounting point and dimensions of the tank and entered into the flow meter. Using this information and the signal from the connected ultrasonic level transducer, the flow meter software accurately calculates the instantaneous flow (litres / second)  and the totalised flow (m3).

4-20mA Output Signal

Our range of ultrasonic flow meters output a 4-20mA signal corresponding to the instantaneous flow as well as a VFC signal corresponding to the totalised flow.

Using these signals the output of the flow meter can be easily incorporated into a data logger, BMS, or our online data logger to ensure that the logged data can be easily submitted to a local authority for compliance with a consent to discharge agreement.

In addition to an output signal - our ultrasonic flow meters also display the instantaneous and totalised flow locally on an easy to read LCD (liquid crystal display).

Ultrasonic Flow Meter Range



The MFLR is an ultrasonic flow meter complete with ultrasonic flow transducer which is designed to provide instantaneous flow and totalised flow.

The ultrasonic flow transducer is designed to be mounted above a V-Notch tank complete with a fixed angle V-notch plate, or other weir conforming to BS3680.

Designed to offer precision flow measurement, the MFLR includes 4-20mA and pulsed outputs for easy integration into a data logger for consent to discharge applications. 

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