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pH simulator which generates the same electrical signal as pH electrode for equipment testing


pH Simulator

pH electrode is an electro-chemical sensor which generates a very small milli-voltage (~ ±59.16mV per pH decade when measured at 25ºC from a base of 0mV at 7.00 pH) which is then amplified by a suitable pH instrument.


Our AWE Instruments pH simulator is often purchased by engineering professionals, working within process control or water treatment applications. The pH simulator is used when commissioning or setting up a pH instrument. Use the process connector by simply connecting to the pH instrument where it electronically simulates the pH electrode signal to ensure that the instrument is calibrated correctly.

System Builders

The pH simulator also forms part of the tool kit for system builders, PLC programmers and system integrators who have a pH controller integrated within a control panel or PLC system. The pH simulator is then used during testing to ensure that the system is responding to a change in pH value, as intended by the system designer.

Fault Finding

One of the main attractions of a pH simulator for any Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment or Process Control professional is that it is a significant tool for fault finding and isolation. The most delicate part of any electrochemical monitoring system is the wet end. This is the part in contact with the process measuring our values of concern. With pH this is invariably the pH electrode which is a consumable item.

The pH simulator can simulate ideal operating conditions to ensure that the instrument is working as intended. It can also simulate a dirty pH electrode / a pH electrode near its end of life, when response time and pH range is most often compromised.

pH Simulator Range

APS2 pH simulator

APS2 pH simulator

The APS2 pH Simulator is designed to electronically replicate the signal derived from a pH sensor or Redox Sensor for use in the electrical calibration of pH instrumentation.

The APS2 pH simulator is able to replicate the signal from a sensor in perfect condition, as well as a sensor in less than ideal condition such as one with a long cable run, wet cable, a dirty sensor, or where the electrode is near the end of its serviceable life.

Running from a 9 volt PP3 battery the APS2 is a portable instrument thats perfect for on site engineers and process professionals.

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