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Calibration, Commissioning and Custom Design & Build Services

As well as providing measuring instruments and control equipment for use in the process control, water treatment and effluent treatment sectors, we also have systems and service division who focus on both the design and build of custom systems, calibration services and the commissioning of equipment.

Control Panels and Systems

Our systems division designed and build custom control panels, PLC systems and remote monitoring solutions for use in the process industry.

Customers in different sectors often encounter similar problems, which has lead us to develop a number of packaged solutions. These are provided as stand alone solutions and are normally provided as dosing skids or back plate mounted systems. Some of the common solutions we've developed include:-

  • Chemical Batching / Transfer Skids
  • Chlorine Dosing Back Plates
  • Tank mounted polymer make-up systems
  • Rinse Water Controllers
  • Cooling Water Back Plate Units.

As well as the back plate systems and dosing skids, since our inception in 1982 we have provided a control panels and PLC system design and build service. Our control panels are found controlling processes in a wide range of industries which require the precision control of a combination of measured liquid parameters.

As experts the field of water treatment, effluent treatment and process control we understand the nuances of each of the measurement parameters and have better understanding of the processes involved, ensuring that a control panel designed to complete a process will perform in a satisfactory way.

As well as providing control panels and process specific equipment we offer an onsite commissioning and calibrating service - to ensure that when integrating a new piece of control equipment into a process it works as expected and without unnecessary delay.

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Small Effluent Treatment and pH neutralisation systems

In effluent treatment applications where a small amount of waste water or process effluent requires treatment prior to discharge, normally in combination with a consent to discharge agreement, we have built small self contained effluent treatment systems or pH neutralisation systems.

Normally taking the form of a skid mounted tank combined with pH monitoring and control equipment industrial mixer, and then final effluent discharge monitoring equipment, working with you we ascertain the volumes and reaction times to ensure that your in compliance with local regulations.

As with our control panels, skid mounted systems and back plates - our team of onsite service engineers are able to offer a calibration and commissioning service to any new piece of process control equipment. This is designed to ensure that the equipment is fully operational from the outset.

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On Site Servicing and Calibration

To support our instrumentation and stand alone control panels and systems we have a team of service engineers which conduct on-site serving and calibration services. Our team of service engineers are fully qualified, professional, friendly and courteous. The service team work throughout the UK to provide on-site calibration of instruments and servicing of equipment.

Each instrument calibration can be certified against national standards to ensure both internal and external compliance. Our service engineers are committed to ensuring that your equipment is working accurately and correctly.

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On Site Equipment Commissioning

When designing and building a control panel, neutralisation system or other piece of equipment to control or integrate with a process, one of our senior service engineers will be involved with the design and build of the system from the outset.

The service team offer a commissioning service which is designed to ensure that after a control panel or system is delivered to site that the set-points, communications protocols or analogue outputs are performing as anticipated. With over 40 years of experience our senior service engineers have developed a working knowledge of numerous processes across many sectors, and will work with your on-site engineers to ensure that we deliver a system or control panel that is functioning correctly either as a stand alone system, or is integrated into an existing system, and performs as designated during the equipment design phase.

During the commissioning process the service team will fully audit the equipment and issue a report as well as supply certificates of calibration traceable to national standards - leaving you with piece of mind that the you've made the right choice of equipment partner.

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