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4-20mA Redox Transmitter

mV3630-W 4-20mA Redox transmitter

The mV3630-W Redox transmitter is supplied in an optional surface mounting weatherproof enclosure for mounting close to the Redox electrode system. Alternatively, we can supply the mV3630 in a Din Rail Enclosure for mounting within a control panel or system.

The 4-20mA transmitter is designed to connect to a Redox Electrode and then send an industry standard isolated 4-20 mA signal up to 1000 metres away. The mV3630-W Redox transmitter operates from a 24 Volt DC (VDC) supply and the same two wires used to power the transmitter also carry the         4-20mA current signal.

By using only two wires this loop powered device is simple to install and configure to work with a PLC or Digital Chart Recorder.

The mV3630 4-20mA Redox transmitter has a 2 point calibration and a very easy calibration procedure. By calibrating the Zero value and the Span value using a Redox calibration solution, the transmitted 4-20mA signal then precisely follows the corresponding redox measurement.

The 4-20mA Redox transmitter can be powered by the receiving Controller, Recorder, PLC or AWE Instruments model BC7635 digital indicator controller. Where the Redox transmitter doesn't include any control or alarm relays. By using a BC7635 Digital Indicator / Controller, we can have a secondary display complete with built in stabilised power supply and High - Low alarms.

The amount of wiring to connect the transmitter and receiver is minimised and the majority of receiving instruments including AWE Instruments Model BC7635 are initially designed to receive the signal and power the external instrument.

The mV3630 Redox Transmitter is a physically small device and allows precision transmission of an isolated 4-20mA signal corresponding to the Redox value. The device is straightforward to install, easy to use, simple to calibrate and designed to operate in the field for extended periods of time requiring minimal human involvement.

  • Specifications


    Model No:- mV3630

    Redox Range:- 0-1000 mV

    Input:- Glass Redox electrode

    Set Points:- None

    Action:- N/A

    Current output:- 0-20/ 4-20mA limited to 25mA, 500 Volts Galvanic Isolation

    Zero:- ± 15%

    Slope:- 86 - 112%

    Mains Supply:- 10 - 30 VDC Stabilised

    Weight:- 200 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 100 x 105 x 58mm cutout 91.5 x 91.5mm

  • Features


    • Simple Redox Transmitter for use with any device where a 4-20mA is accepted
    • A simple two wire device - the mV3630 Redox transmitter is powered by the same two wires that transmit the signal
    • Simple calibration procedure - adjust the span and zero points and the 4-20mA signal represents the newly calibrated instrument
    • Precision Redox instrument - with excellent repeatability for high accuracy Redox measurement applications
    • Visual representation of the mV value on the display making calibration, setup and operation as easy as possible.
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