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PVDF Submersible Redox Probe

PVDF submersible Redox probe RTT100s

The PVDF Submersible Redox Probe is a version of our dip Redox sensor systemsfor concentrated chemicals or high temperature usage.

PVDF Submersible Redox Probe RTT100s Introduction

Constructed with an all PVDF body and with a heavy duty tuff tip RTT283-20B Redox probe the RTT100S can be submerged in process containers using high concentration chemicals or with raised temperatures.

The operating temperature range is from 0-100ºC and the RTT100S is supplied complete with the PTT283-20B pH probe insert, 6 metres of connecting cable with BNC connector and stripped and tinned connections for the connection of the built in temperature compensation.

The standard length of the submersible Redox probe is 1 metre in length. We can manufacture the RTT100S in lengths as required, up to 2 metres.

The RTT283-20B PVDF bodied Redox probe has our tuff-tip technology and with a flat platinum disc electrode, which makes it unbreakable during normal operation. The whole submersible Redox probe assembly is designed to be permanently immersed within the measured solution, even if this includes concentrated chemical reagents. With the virtually unbreakable tuff tip mounting, the assembly when associated with an industrial mixer, won't affect the integrity of the redox probe.

The Redox probe also has a non-fouling magna flow liquid junction.  This ensures that the reference is in constant contact with the measured solution giving accurate Redox measurement and offers a rapid response to changing Redox values. As the reference is non fouling the submersible Redox assembly only needs to be removed from the process for periodic cleaning and calibration purposes.

The Redox probe insert also has a double junction reference which makes it resistant to electrode poisoning, even in solutions which can react with a silver, silver chloride reference.

The Redox Electrode insert has a 3/4" mounting thread, allowing simple removal from the PVDF Submersible Redox probe assembly for periodic calibration or buffering of the Redox probe.

PVDF Submersible Redox Probe RTT100S Features and Benefits

With an available length of up to 2000mm the RTT100S can be mounted into most process vessels and other unpressurised vessels to give an accurate measurement of the Redox value, which is the main purpose of submersible Redox probes.

The PVDF submersible Redox probe RTT100S has been manufactured to operate where the temperature can reach 100ºC. The PVDF also ensures that the submersible Redox probe can operate where concentrated chemicals or reagents are being used.

The flat disc platinum Redox electrode and tuff tip reference electrode ensure that the RTT283-20B is designed to operate where mechanical damage would occur to lesser Redox electrodes. It is fitted with 6 metres of connecting cable and a BNC process connector for easy connection to a quality Redox controller.

The 3/4" mounting thread makes the Redox electrode insert easy to remove for periodic calibration or buffering.

With the non-fouling magna flow junction and tough tip, the RTT283-20B is both mechanically strong for use in tanks and vessels where industrial mixers are mounted, as well as offering precision measurements with excellent response times to changes in Redox value.

  • Specifications


    PVDF Submersible Redox Probe RTT100S for high temperature usage complete with tuff tip Redox probe insert.

    Model No:- RTT100s

    Redox Electrode:-

    Operating temperature:- 0-100ºC

    Materials of construction PVDF


  • Features


    • All PVDF construction with tuff-tip ceramic reference designed for increased chemical compatibility in aggressive or concentrated chemical blends.
    • The PVDF submersible redox probe RTT100s is for use in high temperature environments
    • The platinum disc electrode and tuff-tip magna flow junction ensure that the Redox probe insert is virtually indestructible during normal operation.
    • Perfect for mounting within unpressurised process tanks at temperature where the measured Redox value is process critical, and offering particularly advantages when the vessel is under agitation from an industrial mixer
    • Available in lengths up to 2000mm using the all PVDF construction and flange for easy mounting into tanks or other unpressurised vessels.
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