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SZ7263 Overflow cell for 3 sensors


SZ7263 overflo­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­w cells for ORP, residual chlorine, dissolved ozone.

This series of cell is made for the measurement of free residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide and dissolved ozone with a potentiostatic sensor. The cell’s manufacturing characteristics allow the sample to run through the potentiostatic electrode site with a constant velocity. The in-flow can be regulated through a check valve.

The model SZ7263 cell is for the potentiostatic electrode and the Temperature sensor, and is also for additional pH and O.R.P. electrodes.

The supply includes the necessary tubing for grabbing the sample, along with wall mounting accessories.

SZ7263 Flow Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Material: clear acrylic resin

    Inlet: 1/4" fitting

    Outlet: fitting for 10x14 mm tubing

    Connection Tubing: 2 m 4x6 tubing

    Flow: About 10/30 litre/hour approx

    Temperature: 0/50°C

    Dimensions: Diameter 65 x 150 mm

    Sensors Site: Diameter 12 mm for pH/ORP/Cl, diameter 5 mm for temperature.


  • Features


    • Holds 3 Sensors
    • For ORP, residual chlorine, dissolved ozone.
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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