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How to install a Slow Speed Geared Mixer

geared mixer installation

A 10" impeller from our GMW1-SP2 Geared industrial mixer, which runs from a 240 Volt AC supply and is powered from a 0.18kW motor. 

Mechanical Installation

First check that the hex screws securing the impeller to the shaft are secured and tight.

When mounting the motor and gearbox assembly to the tank, it is essential that the assembly is not lifted by the shaft, as the weight of the motor may cause the shaft to bend.

The motor or gearbox should fit firmly on the bridge or tank support and be properly located so there is no tendency to rock or move about.
Geared mixers ( 260, 134, and 65 R.P.M. ) can run dry as long as the motor and gearbox assembly are secured; there is no lateral movement; rocking or potential for movement.

Electrical Installation

Before connection to an electrical supply check the mains supply type, voltage and frequency match that on the motor name plate.
All mixer electrical supplies either single or three phase should be via suitable motor starter with overload protection to suit the motor in use and hence prevent the possibility of permanent motor damage. Local safety stop buttons and isolation should be fitted so the mixer can be easily stopped in case of emergency.

All local electrical regulations must be adhered to. Installation should be carried out only by a qualified electrician.

General Purpose Mixing (Non Viscous)

General Purpose Mixing (Non Viscous)

Installed with the shaft mounted vertically on the centre line of a vessel without baffles.

With rotation clockwise when looking down the shaft.

This installation causes in tank agitation which is suitable for keeping solids in suspension, blending liquids, or dispersement. 

This installation type is not recommended for high viscosity solutions which an be pushed around a cylindrical tank. 

Standard Mixing Applications (Baffled Tank)

Standard Mixing Applications (Baffled Tank)

Installed with the shaft mounted vertically on the centre line of the vessel.

Fitted with four strip baffles mounted vertically 90° apart with rotation clockwise when looking down the shaft so fluid is pushed down the vessel.

Baffles should be approximately 1/12 the diameter of the vessel and spaced out 1” from the wall.

This installation introduces turbulence and ideal for most mixing applications.

Without A Baffled Tank

Without A Baffled Tank

Installed with the shaft mounted vertically off centre without baffles with rotation clockwise when looking down the shaft so fluid is pushed down the vessel.

The exact position depends upon the particular application and tank size.

Provides good mixing without baffles. This technique places the impeller in a position which provides an acceptable flow pattern but inferior to a fully baffled tank.

Good for general purpose stirring, agitation or mixing applications

Geared Industrial Mixer Range

You can view our range of slow speed geared industrial mixers here.

Our mixers are all manufactured at our facility in Stafford, UK. We frequently manufacture custom mixers for customers, including air mixers, mixers with dual or triple impellers, mixers for viscous solutuons, and mixers for concentrated reagents. If you need a mixer for a specific application that is not covered in our industrial mixer range, then please click below to submit some more information, or please don't hesitate to call or email.