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Redox transmitter for measuring Redox / ORP in a process and transmitting a 4-20mA signal


Redox Transmitter Range

Within our Redox Transmitter range we offer the mV3630 Redox Transmitter. This instrument is an excellent way of transmitting a Redox signal to a PLC or digital chart recorder.

The unit is normally located within close proximity to a Redox Electrode giving the operator a visual indication of the current Redox output as well as enabling the user to easily calibrate the Redox Electrode to the Redox Transmitter while the two are in close proximity.

The Redox Transmitter then transmits the Redox value using a 4-20mA (or 0 - 20mA) current signal to a PLC or Chart Recorder which can be located up to 1000 metres away. The same 2 wires which transmit the Redox signal as a 4-20mA current signal are also used to power the Redox transmitter.

This "loop powered" system ensures an efficient transfer of the signal and means that the Redox Transmitter can be housed in either a small din rail mounting enclosure or as a surface mounted Redox Transmitter system.

As the Redox transmitter is simply designed to transmit a Redox signal, our range of Redox transmitters do not include control function relays or alarm function relays. For a device which transmits both the Redox signal and incoporates control relays we offer a range of Redox Controllers.

Redox Transmitter Range


mV3630 4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter

mV3630 4-20mA Conductivity Transmitter

The Redox Transmitter is a device designed to transmit a 4-20mA current signal proportional to the Redox value of the measured solution.

The mV3630 is a loop powered device, meaning that the same two wires that power the device, are the same two wires that transmit the 4-20mA current signal. This makes integrating with a PLC or digital chart recorder incredibly easy.

The mV3630 is available in din-rail mounting or surface mounting configuration with a range of 0 - 1000mV.

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