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pH Testr 10

Waterproof Portable pH tester

phtestr 10 waterproof ph tester

The pHTestr 10 is a portable waterproof pH Tester, designed as a rugged low cost portable pH instrument that is suitable in even the harshest environments. Mistakes do happen so if you do drop it in your processing tank it will float to the surface. It even features a lug for you to attach a cord, allowing you to retrieve the pH stick if it floats away from you.

The pHTestr 10 offers a full measuring range of 0-4.00 pH.

The waterproof pH tester is both compact and economical and of simple design and construction; featuring a replaceable electrode so the body may be reused many times. Powered by 1.5 volt button batteries with auto timed shutdown and auto buffer recognition, the pH stick is simple to own and use.
The pH stick instrument has many uses offering increased accuracy and repeatability over pH indicator solutions and papers. Uses include educational field studies, laboratories, environmental monitoring right through to simply testing for the pH level of virtually any water based solution.

  • Specifications


    pHTestr10 Stick pH Tester

    Model No:- WD35634-00

    Range:- 0-14.0 pH

    Resolution:- 0.1 pH

    Accuracy:- ± 0.2 pH

    Calibration:- 3 points

    Temperature compensation:- Automatic

    Electrode type:- Glass pH sensor

    Operating temperature:- 0-50ºC

    Power supply:- 3 x 1.5v button type batteries

    Battery life:- approx 250 hours

    Dimensions:- 6.5” x 1.5” (165 mm x 38 mm)

    Weight:- 125 grms

  • Features


    • Dust proof, water proof, and if you drop it - the portable pH stick meter floats!
    • Simple to use and a full calibration process for precision measurements
    • Cylindrical and light, this pH meter is pocket sized.
    • Full range of 0 - 14.00 pH and has a handy lug for attaching a carrying cord.


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