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Inline Flow Conductivity Cell with K=0.1

Flow line conductivity cell FL3-01

Designed for measuring the Conductiviy in Flow, is the FL3-01.

Inline Flow Conductivity Cell FL3-01 introduction

The FL3-01 is a low cost electrolytic conductivity measuring cell mounted within an inline holder which is designed to be installed as a permanent piece of pipework.

Using our quick release fitting the FL3-01 conductivity can be easily and quickly removed from the pipework for periodic cleaning and calibration. No special tools are required to remove the conductivity cell from its holder.

The FL3-01 uses our proven simple and robust design to ensure continuous conductivity readings can be made inline or inside a continuous flow.

Manufactured in uPVC with carbon graphite conductivity electrodes, the standard FL3-01 is designed to be solvent welded into 3/4" PVC pipework. The FL3-01 can also be manufactured with 1/2" BSP threaded connections and other mountings are available to order. Please let us know if you require an alternative fitting.

The FL3-01 has a conductivity cell constant of K=0.1 and has a measuring range of up to 2000µS (2.0mS).  It is suitable for use in systems with a maximum temperature of 50°C and a pressure of 3 Bar at 20°C.

The FL3-10 is fitted with 2 metres of cable as standard to ensure that the cell can be easily fitted and begin making conductivity measurements almost immediately.

An optional integral temperature sensor can be fitted to the FL3-01, ensuring that a compatible measuring instrument can use automatic temperature compensation. Please let us know which instrument you plan to connect the FL3-01 to, so that we can ensure compatibility. .

Inline Flow Conductivity Cell FL3-01 Features & Benefits

The FL3-01 conductivity cell is of simple and robust construction, ensuring that when installed into pipework, it will give continuous and reliable readings, which can be temperature compensated for additional accuracy.

With a cell constant of K=0.1 the FL3-01 is perfect for use in relatively clean water applications such as recirculating evaporative cooling towers, feed water control and for borehole water quality analysis.

The quick release fitting, which requires no special tools,  is ideal for removing the conductivity cell from pipework for periodic calibration and cleaning. The standard FL3-01 is supplied as a 3/4" plain tee, designed to be solvent welded into place.  With alternative fitting options available, most applications can be catered for.

With a cell constant of K=0.1 the FL3-01 is designed to operate at low ranges of less than 2000µS and the optional automatic temperature compensation makes the FL3-01 is an excellent partner for clean water conductivity measuring and control applications.

FL3-01 Insertion Conductivity Cell Specifications

  • Specifications


    Flow Line Conductivity Cell

    Model No:- FL3-01

    Cell Constant:- K=0.1

    Measuring Range:- 0 - 2000µS

    Materials of construction Cell Carbon Graphite, cPVC

    Max temperature:- 0-50°C

    Max pressure:- 3 Bar at 20°C

    Temperature Compensation:- Available

    Connections:- Fixed Connections 2 metres connecting cable

  • Features


    • Simple and robust construction designed for permanent mounting into pipe works for flow line electrolytic conductivity measurement.
    • The quick release mechanism allows the conductivity cell to be easily removed for periodic cleaning and calibration without the need for special tools.
    • Cell constant of K=0.1 for measurements of conductivity values below 2000µS.
    • Ideal for most clean water applications, including the measurement of feed water, the conductivity of recirculating evaporative cooling towers and borehole water.
    • Optional integral temperature measuring device to provide automatic temperature compensation to a compatible instrument.
    • Proven robust design the FL3-01 is ideal for water quality analysis


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