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Geared Mixer with 20" Impeller & 3.0kW, 415 VAC Motor

Geared Mixer with 20 inch impeller and 3.0kW 3 phase motor

GMW41 is a geared mixer with a 20" Impeller, driven from a worm gearbox with a 415v 3.0kW motor.  The pictured model shows the 2 x impellers option, mounted to the shaft.

GMW41 Geared Mixer Introduction

The GMW41 is our largest standard range industrial geared mixer, boasting a huge 3.0kW motor, complete with a 20 inch impeller. It has been designed to operate continuously in many liquid mixing applications including viscous solutions.

The GMW41 is suitable for other slow speed stirring and agitation applications in the process control, water treatment and effluent treatment sectors.

Used where large quantities of pH neutralisation and effluent treatment chemicals require continual agitation and in process applications where the solution has a high viscosity, the GMW41 provides a reliable and constant speed agitation.

The GMW41 is fitted as standard with a 3 phase 415V 3.0kW AC motor.  Considering the size of the impeller and the motor driving the worm gearbox, we don't offer a single phase version of the GMW41.  If you have an application where the only available power is from a 110V, 240V supply or where compressed air is available, then please don't hesitate to get in touch, as we may be able to offer alternative solutions.

The standard impeller has a low shear co-efficient making is suitable for flocculent mixing as well as other applications, and is driven with a speed of 140RPM.  Other output speeds are available, making it ideal for use on a range of Dosing Tanks, depending upon the duty, liquid type and viscosity.

GMW41 Geared Mixer with 20 inch Impellers

The standard GMW41 utilises a single 20 inch impeller which is used to create a continuous stirring motion within the tank or vessel.  This ensures that the solution is under constant agitation from the industrial stirrer, making it ideal for keeping lime solutions in suspension as well as other slow speed stirrer applications, such as improving the contact time and reaction potential when used in the agitation of reagent, mixing polymers or the make-up of effluent treatment chemicals.

The 20 inch impeller is not tapered to ensure the industrial stirrer generates a large contact area.  This provides both a better contact area for more efficient stirring and a reduced shearing coefficient when used as a flocculant mixer.

In addition to fitting a single 20" impeller, the GMW41 is designed to be fitted with additional impellers, depending upon the nature of the vessel and liquid under agitation.  If there is a larger volume of liquid or a large vessel is required, then please don't hesitate to get in touch, as we are able to manufacture custom mixers with impellers in excess of 24" in diameter, with a corresponding motor and gearbox assembly.

GMW41 Worm Gearbox Mixer

The 20 inch impellers are directly driven by the worm gearbox.  The shaft is machined at our production facility in Stafford, UK, to ensure that it is held securely in place within the worm gearbox itself, without a coupling.  This enables us to offer a wide variety of reduction ratios including 70RPM and 140RPM versions.

In addition to offering a number of gearbox ratio options, we machine the shafts and impellers in-house, allowing the shaft length to be manufactured to specification.

Our 3 blade flat 20 inch impeller is designed to optimise the stirring capability of the mixer for a number of different applications, making the GMW41 suitable for use as a geared mixer for viscous solutions as well as for flocculent or polymer makeup.

Geared Mixer GMW41 with 3.0kW 3 Phase Motor

The standard GMW41 is fitted with a TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)  motor and manufactured to IP55 specifications.  The standard motor is a 415 V three phase 3.0kW AC motor.  We also offer a 380 Volt motor and flameproof motors.

GMW41 Chemically Resistant Geared Mixer

For use with process chemicals, we offer the GMW41 with wetted parts (shaft and 500mm impeller or impellers) coated in PVC.  This makes the mixer suitable for mixing applications where the process chemical reacts with 316 stainless steel.

The shaft and 20" impeller are coated as a single piece.  This ensures that any fastenings are resistant to the reagents being used in the process.

Any additional impellers are also coated with PVC, to ensure that during the process, the whole wet end of the geared mixer offers greater chemical resistance.

We strongly recommend when considering a chemically resistant slow speed mixer that the materials being used are compatible with PVC. 

GMW41 Geared Mixer Features & Benefits

The GMW41 is a geared mixer, suitable for a wide variety of applications and unlike our high speed industrial mixers, it doesn't have to be contained within a tank where the height of the liquid covers the impeller.

Designed for industrial duties, the GMW41 has been used as an industrial stirrer for viscous solutions as well as for other process applications.  The GMW41 is commonly fitted with additional impellers to ensure that an even agitation can be achieved with very viscous solutions or where the vessel is large or unusually shaped.  It is also ideal for applications requiring a single impeller, for flocculant make-up, as well as for pH neutralisation or other process control applications.

Manufactured in house at our Stafford facility, the GMW41 is available with a number of customised options, depending upon the duty required.  These include supplying the slow speed mixer with food grade lubricant, additional impellers, a 3 phase 380 VAC motor, flame proof motor, or with a chemically resistant coating.

The GMW41 can be fitted with a second impeller although for heavier duties we offer our GMW4 geared mixer.

The 20 inch impeller offers efficient mixing and is designed for large sized vessels for a range of different environments.  It is suitable for use on viscous solutions, depending upon the solutions viscosity and volume.  If you're unsure on the precise mixer to suit your application, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The slow speed geared mixer GMW41 is of proven design and construction, requiring minimal preventive maintenance for efficient low shear mixing.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including mixing water treatment chemicals and for mixing in process applications.

GMW41 Geared Mixer Specifications

  • Specifications


    Geared Industrial Mixer with 20" impeller and 3.0kW motor

    Model Number:- GMW41

    Voltage:- 3 Phase 415 VAC

    Power:- 3.3kW or 4.0 HP

    Speed (standard):- 140 RPM

    Flange Diameter:- 250mm

    Hole Diameter:- 4 x 14mm

    PCD:- 215mm

    Plate Hole:- 182mm

    Propellor Diameter:- 500mm / 20 Inch

    Propellor Type:- Flat Bladed Impeller

    Materials Of Construction:- 316 stainless steel (Optional PVC Coating)

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberMotorShaft LengthImpeller SpeedWetted PartsImpellers
    GMW41-XX-70 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 70 RPM 316 Stainless Steel 1 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-140 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 140 RPM 316 Stainless Steel 1 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-70-EVA 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 70 RPM Plastic Coated 316 SS 1 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-140-EVA 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 140 RPM Plastic Coated 316 SS 1 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-70-2 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 70 RPM 316 Stainless Steel 2 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-140-2 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 140 RPM 316 Stainless Steel 2 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-70-EVA-2 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 70 RPM Plastic Coated 316 SS 2 x 20 inch
    GMW41-XX-140-EVA-2 3.0kW, 415 Volt AC XX = shaft length in mm 140 RPM Plastic Coated 316 SS 2 x 20 inch

    For geared or slow speed mixers with multiple impellers please call to advise on spacing requirements.

    PTFE coating is also available for use with concentrated chemical reagents - please speak with our friendly sales team for more information.


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