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C6587 Conductivity Controller

C6587 Conductivity Controller

The C6587 Conductivity Controller allows for effective measurement and control of electric conductivity and total dissolved salts. The sensors and submersible probes in our range of products allow for the visualization of the temperature value, making the controller suitable for any type of application and installation.

The C6587 has a monochrome multi-line graphic display that displays the values of the measures such as in %, ppt, ppm, ppb, g/l, mg/l, μg/l, Bè or a custom unit (4 characters max) and displays messages which guide the user through the easy and guided initial set-up, configuration and during normal operation. There are dedicated keys to directly access zero and sensitivity calibration as well as to aid with configuration of the device.

Key Features

The model C6587 is a microprocessor surface mounting conductivity & oC instrument featuring a multilinegraphic display. Which displays the measured parameter & solution temperature if a temperature sensor is available, or the base temperature selected if no temperature sensor is available.

The display shows the state of the control and alarm relays. The model C6587 maybe user configured to display conductivity in μS or mS depending on the range selected, TDS (Total dissolved solids) user configured conversion factor 0.45 to 1.0 TDS/Conductivity. Resistivity in M! for ultra pure water with the special temperature compensation required for UPW.

The temperature sensor provides both automatic temperature compensation and a solution temperature readout. The automatic temperature compensation has both user selectable base temperature and temperature coefficient in % per oC. Two isolated current outputs of 0 - 20 mA or 4 - 20 mA are available which maybe user configured for either 2 x conductivity or conductivity & oC. The control relays can be programmed for either On/Off control, PFM control to proportionally control electronic metering pumps or PWM to time proportionally control solenoid valves or small pumps. One adjustable alarm relay with delay timer is fitted which operates on both a high and low measured value. Two logic inputs are available which inhibit the operation of the control and alarm relays so the instrument goes into a standby mode when operated. Designed to IP65 for outside installation to provide reliable accurate and dependable measurement and control of many industrial process.


The C6587 Conductivity Controller is useful for a wide variety of applications including the chemical industry, electroplating, food and beverage, water treatment and many more, If you’re concerned about your application and need expert help, call us today and one of our team will be able to help you with your needs.


Conductivity Range
K=0.01 200.0/2000 nS - 20.00/200.0/2000 μS
K=0.1 2000 nS - 20.00/200.0/2000 μS - 20.00 mS
K=0.5 10.00/100.0/1000 μS - 10.00/100.0 mS
K=1 20.00/200.0/2000 μS - 20.00/200.0 mS
K=10 200.0/2000 μS - 20.00/200.0/2000 mS

C6587 Conductivity Controller Specifications

  • Specifications


    Input: Any AWE Conductivity cell with or without ATC

    Range: 0 - 20.00, 0 - 200.0, 0 - 2000 μS 0 - 20.00, 0 - 200.0mS Note some cell have limited ranges

    Cell Constant: K = 0.01, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 or 10.0 user selectable

    Temp range: -10 - 110 oC or 14 - 230 oF selectable.

    Temp comp/display: Automatic via Pt100/Pt1000 three

    Analog outputs: Two 0 - 20mA / 4 - 20 mA programmable into 600 Ω Set points 2 on/off high/low selectable 5 amp non inductive. Selectable for PFM 0 - 120 pulses/min or PWM Pulse width 0 - 99.9 secs selectable PID control.

    Alarm: 1 min/max with 0 - 99 sec delay timer.

    Logic Input: 1 & 2 Via volt free contact holds the alarms.

    Zero: adjustable

    Slope: adjustable

    Mains supply: 86 - 264 VAC 50/ 60 Hz.Power consumption 6 VA max

    Weight: 1360 grams surface mounting version

    Enclosure: 256 x 230 x 89 mm. excluding cable glands. Moulded ABS Designed to IP65

  • Features


    • Easy installation and setup, the C6587 has an IP65 protection rating and a  with a display and keypad to guide you easily through the set up process and is suitable for wall mounting, DIN rail and handrail with optional accessories.
    • Compatible with any amperometric sensor.
    • Can operate in automatic, measure or simulated modes to facilitate start-up or maintenance.
    • PID control through analog output.
    • Can set two filters in order to obtain a stable reading and a faster response to measurement variations.
  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets


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