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Easy to use pH Controller

p3647 ph controller

Easy to use pH Controller with 2 setpoints in surface mounting enclosure

The Model P3647-W pH Controller is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Due to the design of the controller, the setup of the instrument, including allocating the two setpoints, calibration and ensuring the instrument is able to control a wide range of industrial processes, has been made as simple as possible.

The controller itself is designed to a din-rail mounting specification, measuring just 105mm wide x 100mm high x 58mm deep. In the surface mounting enclosure, the unit measures 135mm wide x 170mm high and 115mm deep.

The P3647-W pH easy to use pH controller has a large LCD display enabling good visibility when assessing the current pH value.

The controller has a clear door for easy access to the simple to use controls, allowing the operator to calibrate the instrument or set the two setpoints from the front panel. The 2 setpoints can be adjusted using the front mounted potentiometers, allowing for the on/off control relays to be set for high or low level operation.

The easy to use pH controller is able to work with any glass probes from our pH Electrode range or any other high quality pH electrode, with the exception of the antimony pH electrodes. The P3647-W pH controller works across the full 0.00 - 14.00 pH range.

In addition to the pH measurement the P3647-W easy to use pH controller offers temperature compensation across the 0 - 100ºC range, through the NTC10K Temperature Sensor or pH Electrode with built in temperature sensor.

P3647-W easy to use pH controller with 2 on/off control relays

The model P3647-W easy to use pH controller is fitted with two on/off control relays, each with an adjustable time delay of up to 40 seconds before the relay operates.

The operation of the model P3647-W pH controllers relays maybe selected for high or low operation by two DIL switches; one for each relay.

Enabling the relay functions to be either High - High, High - Low or Low - Low. When the setpoint is configured for use under low operation and the monitored pH value is lower than the set-point value, the LED is lit and the corresponding relay is activated. If the relay has the delay function activated then the timer will be called until the relay is activated.

For use under high operation, when the monitored pH value is higher than the setpoint, the LED is lit and the corresponding relay is activated. Again, if a delay has been assigned to the relay then the relay will wait until this delay has expired before activating the relay. As the P3647-W is an easy to use pH controller with excellent control options, it makes an excellent choice for a cost effective pH controller for many industrial processes including effluent treatment and water treatment plants.

P3647-W easy to use pH controller with 4-20mA output

The P3647-W easy to use pH controller has an industry standard 4-20mA output isolated to 500Ω. This 4-20mA output can be used with a variety of control equipment including PLC's and chart recorders. The 4-20mA output in this instrument is non-expandable meaning that the current output is not suitable for use with proportional control dosing pumps.

P3647-W Controller Specifications

  • Specifications


    Model No:- P3647

    pH Range:- 0 - 14.00 pH

    Temp. Compensation:- Auto via 10KΩ NTC

    Temp. Range:- 0ºC to 100ºC

    Input:- Glass pH electrode

    Set Points:- 2 on / off, high / low selectable, 2 amp inductive

    Action:- On/Off over 100% of range

    Current output:- 0 - 20/ 4-20mA isolated into 500Ω

    Zero:- ±15%

    Slope:- ±20%

    Mains Supply:-230 Volt / 115 Volt, 50 / 60Hz.

    Weight:- 265 grams DIN version

    Dimensions:- 100 x 105 x 58mm

  • Data Sheets

    Data Sheets

  • Features


    • Easy to use precision pH controller with 2 set points for on / off control.
    • Din rail or surface mounting in a nice small enclosure.
    • Easy calibration procedure even for untrained operators with adjustment of Zero and Span via front mounted potentiometers.
    • Clear crisp display so the pH value, set-point setup and calibration procedure can be easily checked and adjusted as required.
    • Isolated 4-20mA output for easy integration with a digital chart recorder or PLC


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