Chlorine Sensor for the measurement of chlorine in both PPM and Mg/L


Chlorine Sensor

A Chlorine sensor is designed to measure the amount of chlorine in a solution.

When chlorine is dissolved into water it can appear as a number of different forms when hypochlorous acid and chlorite is formed, this referred to as Free Chlorine which when measured as part of chlorine demand forms our Residual Chlorine. The ratio of hypochlorous acid to chlorite is dependant heavily upon the pH of the measured solution as per the Chlorine section.

Alternatively - depending upon a number of factors including the propensity of nitrogen compounds including ammonia, then chlorine may form as Chloramines which are referred to as Total Chlorine.

Further to chlorine, other strong oxidisers such as Chlorine Dioxide or the anion Bromine can be used as efficient disinfectant or sanitising agents.

Sensor Types

There are a  number of different types of chlorine sensors available, each with their own relative merits and suitability for different applications. The common sensor types are:-

  • Amperometric or open amperometric chlorine sensor with a Copper and Platinum arrangement to from the anode and cathode to measure Free chlorine
  • Potentiostatic (Amperometric) chlorine Sensor with a dual platinum band and silver silver chloride reference electrode. Used to measure Free chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Dissolved Ozone. 
  • Membrane Covered Amperometric sensors which offer specific sensor types to measure Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide or Hydrogen Peroxide.  

Chlorine Sensor Range




The SZ283 is a chlorine sensor utilising the amperometric methodology with a constant potential to give a dual platinum band potentiostatic chlorine sensor.

Designed for precision measurements of Free Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine or Dissolved Oxzone the SZ283 is often found in drinking water, water treatment, industrial processes and for industrial chlorination processes.

Designed for use with our Chlorine Controller range and for mounting inline or in a sample line where a constant flow is present.

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