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BPB 7 pH Buffer Powder


The BPB 7 pH buffer powders can be used to calibrate pH electrodes. The BPB 7 is supplied at a pH of 7 and are sealed in sachets made of triple protective foil consisting of aluminum, polyethylene and paper which keeps the powder dry, protected, free-flowing and to allow for an exceptional shelf life. The free flowing powder makes 500ml of buffer solution when dissolved in deionised water, meaning a full box is capable of making up to 2.5 litres of calibration solution meaning it can be safely stored until it is required. They are supplied with an indicator to test the pH of the made solution and an inhibitor to inhibit mould growth.

BPB 7 buffer powders produce 500ml of 4.00 pH Buffer Standard solution when dissolved in distilled water.

Calibrating pH electrodes

pH buffer solution is required to calibrate pH electrodes, you can find out how to calibrate your own pH electrode here.

BPB 4 Specifications

  • Specifications


    pH Value: 7 pH

    Contents: Contains 5 Sachets

  • Features


    • 5 Sachets included
    • pH 7
    • Shelf stable for long storage
    • 1 sachet makes 500ml of calibration solution
  • Data Sheets

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