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Happy 40th Birthday Automated Water & Effluent

On successfully trading for 40 years

It has now been 40 years since Automated Water & Effluent Ltd officially started trading. On 1st September 1982, the company was founded after 10 years experience in the industry, making 50 years of knowledge and know how. Automated Water & Effluent Ltd began as a work from home business and expanded in to offices & a workshop in Friars Road, Stafford. We then moved to an office & factory unit, out growing this and then into our own custom built offices and factory facility at AWE House, Antom Court, Stafford and have grown the business from there ever since

Over the last 40 years we have seen many changes to the industry and the products we supply, but what has remained the same throughout those years is our aim to deliver excellent service, which Automated Water & Effluent Ltd prides itself on.

We believe you can only offer a good service when you have good products and have excellent knowledge of those products. Good product knowledge is not something you can learn by just reading the product handbook.

It takes years of experience working with the products and being on-site with customers for commissioning of the equipment in their processes. Knowledge is continually acquired through looking after the products for our customers and carrying out after sales servicing and calibration on customer’s installations. This way, you learn how a product performs over an extended time period and we can use that knowledge to assist other customers going forward. With Automated Water & Effluent Ltd it is 40 years and counting.

During our time within the industry, we have seen new products supplied; installed and commissioned, and have experienced how they have performed for our customers over the life of the product. Our Engineers still see customers using our older controller models dating back to the 1980 and 1990. To see these same instruments working today is a testament to the quality and reliability we strive to deliver to our customers. It’s been 40 years of striving for excellence and here’s to another 40 more !


Polymer Dosing Pumps

Polymer Dosing Pumps The dosing of polyelectrolytes is always a difficult subject with customers asking for a pump for a polyelectrolyte with so many products available its difficult to know if a dosing pump will pump the product.

Most small electronic dosing pumps will lift about 1000 mm from a chemical drum with a water like product. Once the pump has picked up the solution and the valves are wet it just fine. Most pumps have a good output pressure output it's the suction to the pump which is best kept as short as possible.

One answer is to used a stainless steel piston pump and fit it on a flooded suction so the chemical reagent feed the pump by gravity, if located outside in winter the solution will become more viscose so trace heating will be required as most polymers become more viscos at lower temperature's.

We like to install our pumps for customers in our pump housings we call dosing stations should you be dosing a hazardous reagent the dosing lines can be double confined so any leaks run back to the bunded area in the dosing station.

The one shown in the photo features duty and assist pumps set up for flooded suction by piping to the chemical IBC discharge valve and double confinement of the dosing hoses.



Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Measurement

We had a request from a customer for us to help update his waste water discharge to comply with his consent to discharge. Basically he required pH, flow and temperature recording/data logging flow totalisation on a non resettable counter. Plus daily flow totals reset each day and time stamped to prove compliance with his daily maximum flow limit.

We have built these before but this one required an automatic battery back up in the event of a power outage even though his discharge pump would not be able to operate. We built a unit in a corrosion resistance GRP housing with the AWE96 paperless recorder/data logger and our P7635 pH controller all covered with an IP rated outer door.

Vee notch tank with pH electrode, flow transmitter and TPA2-N temperature probe. So another satisfied customer.