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Liquid Level Electrode Holder

liquid level electrode holder LE8/3

The LE8/3 is a 3 x level electrode holder with threaded connection for mounting into tanks, sumps and pits. 

Liquid Level Electrode Holder LE8/3 Introduction

The LE8/3 is a level electrode holder designed to hold 3 x level electrodes into a tank, process vessel, sump or pit.

Designed to automate a number of liquid level applications including when combined with a compatible Level Controller such as the ALC1101, the LE8/3 is designed to offer the switching On/Off of pumps, open/close valves, or to alert to low or high levels.

As a low cost conductive level electrode, the LE8/3 is designed for conducting liquids and can be used in safe areas (not Ex areas where risk of explosions are present).

The LE8/3 is manufactured in corrosion resistant PVC with a 1 1/2" BSP thread for mounting into the tanks and a threaded top connection for easy access to the electrical connections.  The side mounted sealing gland makes running a connecting cable through to the level controller, as simple as possible.

Conductive Liquid Level Electrode Holder LE8/3

The LE8/3 holder is designed to hold 3 x Level Electrodes measuring 1/4" Ø which can be supplied in lengths up to 3 metres, to be cut down to size, or supplied according to your measurements to ensure compatibility process vessels and storage tanks.

There are a number of materials available for the L8/3 which include:-

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Hastelloy C
  • Supplied EVA Coated or Uncoated

The L8/3 is suitable for use in chemicals and please ensure that the material used for the level sensor is compatible with the material that you are planning on controlling. If unsure please don't hesitate to contact us, or alternatively consult with your chemical supplier.

Non-Tracking Conductive Liquid Level Electrode Holder LE8/3

The LE8/3 can be supplied with the level sensor coated in our EVA blend which is offered in different thicknesses. There are a number of advantages to the plastic coated level sensors. Primarily using an EVA coated level sensor prevents tracking between the level sensors, which is wear the electrical current can conducts at a point other than the tips.

Tracking is normally caused by scale build up, solids in the liquid or agitation causing the legs to get close enough together that the current path of least resistance is not at the tips of the level sensors.

By coating the level sensors in our solution we ensure that the electrical current isn't traced and that the path of least resistance is always between the tips of the level sensors.

For applications using Industrial Mixers and fine grain like soldiers, we offer a thicker gauge of plastic coating to resist the plastic coating from becoming compromised.

Conductive Level Electrode LE8/3 Features & Benefits

The LE8/3 is a robust and effective way of controlling the liquid level in a process or storage vessel, or a great way of indicating high / low alarms.

Designed to be robust and flexible for a number of different environments, the LE8/3 is available with chemically resistant conductive level electrode sensors.  In addition we use an internal resin to ensure that the electrical connections are immune to the effects of hot and steamy environments.

The 1 1/2" BSP mounting thread at the base of the electrical housing ensures that installing the conductive level electrode holder into a process vessel is as simple as possible.

The weatherproof enclosure means that mounting the LE8/3 outside can be achieved easily and the screw-on head and sealed electrical gland makes wiring the LE8/3 to a compatible level controller as simple as possible.

The LE8/3 is a flexible and reliable conductive level electrode holder, designed to give a long operational life span for numerous level applications.

If you're considering automating the pumping in and out of vessels, opening / closing valves or even just adding a high / low level alarm, the LE8/3 offers a cost effective solution.

Conductive Level Electrode Holder LE8/3 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Conductive Level Electrode

    Model No:- LE8/3

    Wetted Parts:- 316 Stainless Steel / Titanium / Hastelloy C / EVA Coated or uncoated.

    Level Electrode Measurements:- 3 x 1/4" Ø up to 3 metres in length.

    Mounting Type:- 1/2" BSP Thread with backnut.

    Electrical Connection:- Side gland for 3 x connections

    Applications:- Effluent treatment, process solutions, water applications.

    Compatible Level Controller:- ALC1101


  • Features


    • Simple to install and easy to integrate level electrode holder. 
    • Material options on the level sensor, including Hastelloy C, Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel, with EVA coatings available in a range of thicknesses.
    • Customised level electrode length up to 3 metres when shipped.
    • Single sealed gland electrical connection for easy connection to a compatible level controller.
    • Mounting distances can be user selectable for use where paper, solids, or other bridging materials may be present in the solution.
    • EVA coating prevents tracking and bridging even in very dirty applications, with a range of chemically resistant materials available for operation in chemical environments.
    • 2" BSP mounting threaded so the LE8/3 can be simply screwed into place above a tank or process vessel. 


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