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On site calibration services from Automated Water & Effluent Ltd


On Site Calibration

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have specialised in on site calibration and serving of equipment since our inception in 1982. Since then we've gained enormous insight into the realities of how our instruments and control equipment are used in a process control, water treatment or effluent treatment environment.

At the heart of all process control applications is to ensure that the measurements that are being presented by an instrument are accurate, timely and dependable. To ensure that all of our equipment is operating as well as it was when first purchased, we have a team of dedicated service engineers that will calibrate and certify your instrumentation.

Calibration and Maintenance

We have always offered an in house laboratory calibration service at Automated Water & Effluent Ltd.  In addition to testing each instrument we supply prior to despatch, our in house laboratory service will calibrate and certify instruments with a minimal delay.

We bring the same service from our laboratory to your site, where each instrument or piece of control equipment is both calibrated and serviced to ensure that it's operating in the best possible way.  Each instrument certified on site can be issued with a calibration certificate traceable to national standards.

Trained Calibration Engineers

Our team of trained service engineers have a combined experience of over 40 years and adhere to a strict training schedule of both in house and external training.

Each service engineer is trained on our control equipment including dosing pumps, mechanical dosing pumps, manual and actuated valves, as well as our core measurement parameters including pH, Redox, Conductivity, Residual Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Open Channel Flow, Inline Flow and both level measurement and level control.  In addition to our core competencies, we have engineers specialised in fault finding and diagnostics on control panels, PLC systems, networking, remote communications and IOT enabled control systems.

In addition to being fully trained on our measurement parameters, you can be confident that our site engineers are accredited to work on equipment in a process environment.  Within our engineer team each engineer carries a formal electrical qualification enabling them to work on control panels, single phase and three phase circuitry.

As processes sites can include challenging environments, we carry current qualifications for operating at height, and for working in a confined space.

On Site Calibration Documentation

It's important that all documentation relating to a service visit is in place both prior to and following a service.

Prior to each service visit, required documentation will be supplied including the relevant Risk Assessments and Method Statements for each location where the service will take place.  If additional documentation is required to cover specific working conditions pertaining to health and safety, this can also supplied.

Each service is concluded with a service report detailing each action that has been taken, and a parameter specific report showing the results of a calibration or buffering process.

The instrument that has been serviced will be labelled as such, along with a parameter specific guideline dictating when the next recommended service should take place.

Traceable Calibration and Certification to National Standards

After a calibration has been concluded, a formal certificate can be issued, detailing the results of the calibration procedure.

Each of our calibration certificates is traceable to national standards.

Breakdowns and Routine Service Visits

Prior to beginning a service visit, a senior service engineer or the service manager will discuss the requirements with you, to ensure that all your requirements are covered.

We understand that things sometimes go wrong and that process critical equipment sometimes requires a breakdown service visit.  If you have an urgent requirement for a breakdown service visit, then call us on 01785 254 597 and a member of our qualified service team will talk you through the options available.

To support our breakdown service we're able to arrange both single 'one-off' service and calibration visits and for process critical instrumentation and control equipment, we're able to offer a routine service schedule with either annual or periodic certification.

To talk though or arrange a site visit to discuss your requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.