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Conductivity simulator which generates conductivity values for use in the calibration and commissioning of conductivity instruments


Conductivity Simulator

Our conductivity simulator is a portable device used to simulate a range of conductivity values for the use in calibrating and isolating errors in conductivity measuring equipment.

Using precision electronic components the conductivity simulator simply plugs into a conductivity instrument such as a conductivity controller or conductivity transmitter, and then brings up a known conductivity value. Our conductivity simulator is also compatible with our inductive / toroidal conductivity sensors should a calibration procedure be required.

Water Treatment Engineers

Our AWE Instruments Conductivity simulator is often purchased by engineering professionals working in water treatment applications. Conductivity is often used in conjunction with cooling water controllers, boiler blow down systems and in other cooling tower functionality.

Water treatment professionals will often use a conductivity simulator to isolate problems and commission new and existing equipment in the interests of process control equipment and legionella prevention.

System Builders

The Conductivity simulator also forms part of the tool kit for system builders, PLC programmers and system integrators who have a conductivity controller integrated within a control panel or PLC system. The conductivity simulator is then used during testing to ensure that the system is responding to a change in conductivity value as intended by the system designer.

Fault Finding

One of the main attractions of a conductivity simulator for any Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment or Process Control professional is that it is a significant tool in fault finding and isolation. The most delicate part of any electrochemical monitoring system is the wet end - the part in contact with the process measuring our values of concern. By simulating the incoming conductivity signal a problem can be isolated to the process conductivity cell, the connecting cable, the temperature compensation or even the instrument itself.

Conductivity Simulator Range

ACS1 Conductivity Simulator

ACS1 Conductivity Simulator

The ASC1 Conductivity Simulator is a portable instrument designed to very accurately replicate a conductivity value for the purpose of calibrating a conductivity instrument.

Using precision components the ASC1 replicates conductivity value which can be selected using the front mounted switch. The has the following selectable values:-

  • 0µS
  • 1µS
  • 5µS
  • 10µS
  • 100µS
  • 500µS
  • 1000µS
  • 10,000µS
  • 50,000µS
  • 100,000µS

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