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PVDF Dip pH Probe Assembly with Auto Temperature Compensation

PVDF dip ph probe with automatic temperature compensation PTT100s

The PTT100s is another variation our top selling dip pH probe assembly the PS90S, this time manufactured entirely in PVDF and featuring the heavy duty tuff tip PTT283-20B pH probe with in built temperature compensation which also has a non fouling magna-flow junction and tuff tip end.

The PTT100S is manufactured in PVDF to increase the operating temperature range to 0-100ºC and improve the chemical resistance when used in particularly aggressive chemicals.

The unit is supplied complete with the PTT283-20B pH probe insert which has 6 metres of connecting cable, and BNC connector or stripped and tinned connections for the connection of the built in temperature compensation.

The PTT100S is 1 metre in length as standard, however, we can manufacture PTT100S up to 3 metres in length, as required.

The PTT283-20B has a full PVDF body, complete with a temperature sensor mounted within the recessed glass bulb  A tough tip end gives resistance to mechanical damage and has a non-fouling magnaflow junction.

The pH Electrode insert has a 3/4" BSP mounting thread allowing simple removal of the PVDF Dip pH probe assembly, for periodic calibration or buffering of the pH probe.

PVDF Dip pH probe PTT100S Features and Benefits

The PTT100S has built in temperature compensation and is manufactured from PVDF, up to 3 metres in length. This means that the PTT100S Dip pH probe assembly can be mounted into a non-pressurised vessel and measures the pH at the required location.

The material of construction is PVDF which means that the PTT100S is rated for temperatures from 0-100ºC and the temperature can be compensated using an appropriate pH controller.  As the temperature sensor is mounted within the glass pH bulb, the temperature is measured at the same point as the pH, vastly improving the precision of the measurement when compared to separate temperature sensors and pH electrodes.

The PT100S is supplied complete with the connecting cable, flange mount, and the associated PTT283-20B replacement pH electrode insert with built in auto temperature compensation. This means that the PVDF Dip pH probe assembly is simple to install and be ready to use.

With the 3/4" mounting thread, the pH electrode insert is easy to remove for periodic calibration or buffering.

With the non-fouling magna flow junction and tough tip, the PTT283-20B is both mechanically strong for use in tanks and vessels where industrial mixers are mounted, as well as offering precision measurements with excellent response times to changes in pH value.

  • Specifications


    PVDF Dip pH probe assembly with automatic temperature compensation

    Model No:- PTT100S

    pH Electrode:-

    Operating temperature:- 0-100ºC

    Materials of construction PVDF


  • Features


    • Easy to use and easy to maintain dip pH probe assembly complete with built in temperature compensation
    • All PVDF construction for increased chemical compatibility in aggressive or concentrated chemical blends.
    • The PRT (Platinum Resistance Temperature) Device is mounted at the same point as the recessed glass bulb to ensure that the temperature and pH are measured at precisely the same point to ensure correct temperature compensation
    • The recessed glass bulb and tuff-tip magna flow junction ensure that the pH bulb is virtually indestructible during normal operation.
    • Perfect for mounting within unpressurised process tanks at temperature where the measured pH is process critical, and offering particularly advantages when the vessel is under agitation from an industrial mixer
    • Available in lengths up to 3000mm and supplied complete with 6 metres of connecting cable for both the pH and temperature signals.
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