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Inline Loading Valve

10400 inline loading valve for dosing pumps

The 10400 is an inline loading valve which can be manually adjustable between 0.5 and 10 Bar.

10400 Inline Loading Valve Introduction

The 10400 is an inline loading valve which is designed to give a dosing pump a constant back pressure to work against. Supplied complete with a with a hose fixing kit to connect directly to either 8 x 12mm or 4 x 6mm dosing tube means that installation of the 10400 inline is simple and straight forward.

The 10400 utilises a diaphragm to control the pressure that the pump is working against. With a manually adjustable mechanism controlling the force that the diaphragm exerts - the amount of pressure the loading valve presents can be accurately controlled. One significant benefit of the diaphragm controlled loading valve - is that the pressure that the inline loading valve offers is consistently reproduced.

The diaphragm is constructed from a PTFE coated elastomer proving excellent chemical resistance, low friction, constant back pressure and low vibration control, which makes it particularly good when working with solenoid dosing pumps.

10400 Wetted Parts

The 10400 is available with two parts numbers offering different seal materials to suit your chemical process.

Body MaterialDiaphragm MaterialSeal MaterialConnections
PVC PTFE Viton / EPDM 4 x 6mm & 8 x 12mm
PVDF PTFE Viton / EPDM 4 x 6mm & 8 x 12mm

The seal material is available in either EPDM or Viton (© DuPont / Chemours) and we recommend checking our chemical compatibility database and your chemical supplier, to ensure that all the parts of the liquid end are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

10400 Features & Benefits

The 10400 is a loading valve which is designed primarily for precision control of solenoid dosing pumps such as our AT range. The accurate control of the loading valve means that the amount of chemical discharged per stroke can be accurately calculated and consistent reproduced.

The PTFE diaphragm and proven design ensure that the 10400 is suitable for industrial environments and offers a long operational life span.

Using a PTFE diaphragm as the control methodology ensures that the back pressure is consistent and repeatable. The 10400 also offers excellent performance in applications where oscillating or vibrating machinery such as solenoid dosing pumps are used.

The 10400 can be used as an anti-syphon valve where the installation type requires a working pressure to prevent syphoning. In addition the 10400 can work as a non-return valve as well as providing a back pressure for pipeline installations.

The 10400 can be installed in a bypass line to prevent pressure peaks for installation types that require them. Although technically the 10400 is a pressure relief valve it is not a safety valve in the sense of the pressure vessel directive.

Available with wetted parts in either PVDF or PVC with either Viton or EPDM seals - the 10400 inline loading valve is designed to be compatible with a wide range of chemical reagents.

10400 Specifications

  • Specifications


    Diaphragm Operating Inline Loading Valve

    Model Number:- 10400

    Body Material:- PVC / PVDF

    Diaphragm Material:-PTFE coated elastomer

    Operating Range:-0.5 - 10 Bar

    Connections:- 4x6mm & 8 x 12mm

    Mounting Type:- Inline

  • Applications


    The 10400 is an inline loading valve designed specifically for use with dosing pumps and other pumps which offer vibratory or oscillating outputs. 

    Manufactured in chemically resistant PVC or PVDF with a PTFE diaphragm and a choice of seal materials the 10400 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of chemical reagents.

    The spring compressed diaphragm offers precision setting of the back pressure and excellent repeatability. The proven robust design ensures a long operating life span when paired with compatible chemical reagents.

    The simple installation and operation of the 10400 means that it's straightforward to bring into operation and can even be adjusted while operational.

  • Ordering Information

    Model NumberBody MaterialDiaphragmSeals & O-RingsTubing Connection
    10400E PVC PTFE Viton 4x6mm & 8x12mm
    10400V PVC PTFE EPDM 4x6mm & 8x12mm
    10400PE PVDF PTFE Viton 4x6mm & 8x12mm
    10400PV PVDF PTFE EPDM 4x6mm & 8x12mm

    Please use our chemicial compatibility checker to ensure that the wetted parts are compatible with your process. If you're unsure please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.


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