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New Products From Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

As many of our regular customers already know, we have been supply recording devices for 35 years.

We started with paper chart recorders to record waste water discharge for our customers. Normally pHtemperature and flow - all recorded on a single chart with 3 different coloured pens.

We then supplied single and multi-channel data loggers. These devices could log up to 6 channels. The data could then be downloaded and used to produce graphs.

As technology moved on, and paperless recorders were introduced. These device paperless recorders have a colour TFT screen and a built in data logger. Many of the paper strip chart recorders were upgraded to the paperless recorder / data logger.

online data loggerWe still supply and retrofit these instruments today, and we've looked at digital chart recorders in our Autumn 2009 and Summer 2016 editions of The Watermark.

These digital chart recorders still represent excellent value and work very well, with the data being able to be downloaded to a USB stick or to an SD Card, for the production of graphs and archiving.

With our digital chart recorders there is also an optional ethernet connection to allow the device to be connected to a customers network, this usually involves the customers IT department in making the connection, which for most customers is a big deal and often outside our scope of supply.

We now have a solution to this problem in the form of our Online Data Logger (ODL 1) which comprises of an electronic unit which can be connected the majority of our modern instruments.

The readings from up to 12 instruments or transmitters are collected and transferred at regular specified time intervals to the AWE Instruments microsite.

The AWE instruments Microsite was launched to support our new Online Data Logger a device which connects to our industrial automation instruments and provides the user with a secure online area where they can view historical data and directly tie it to either effluent, process control, or water treatment quality metrics.

The AWE Instruments Secure Cloud can support multiple online data loggers.

This allows you to connect multiple up to 12 inputs to a single Online Data Logger, then a further 10 Online Data Loggers can be connected to your account on the AWE Secure Cloud.

This enables a total of 120 connected instrumentslocated almost anywhere in the world to be monitored from your account.

Multiple processes and sensor measurement types are supported, and with our Open Data format you can tabulate using your own spread sheet software, including Microsoft Office, Open Office, Google Docs or Apple Numbers, alternatively you generate graphs and charts directly from the AWE Secure cloud.

Accessing your data couldn't be easier - there's no special software to install, simple login and you can access your data immediately!

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pump Control Panel in bunded enclosureA recent enquiry from a customer was for a very simple dosing station to dose chemical in small quantities. The chemical was stored in a 25 litre chemical container, and a second reagent was being delivered from the top of an IBC.

The chemical in the IBC was more viscous and the pump had a suction lift of more than 1.5m, which is the maximum recommended for a diaphragm dosing pump. The requirement was to quickly dose 40 litres as a charge dose once a week, when the tank was made up, then a small dose regular intervals to maintain the chemical strength.

We supplied a big wheel peristaltic pump model BWP120, which has an output of 120 litres per hour for the shot dose. This occurred once a week and was controlled by a shot dose timer. The shot dose timer ran for 20 minutes, which meant a dosage of 40 litres - which at a maximum rate of 120 Litres per hour was simple to work out at 2 litres per minute.

The maintenance doses were handled by two small wheel peristaltic pumps, our model SWP7 controlled by our dose and delay timers, so dosing little and offer.

The peristaltic pumps handled the viscose chemical reagent with no problems, ensuring that the customer had a cost effective solution to his dosing problem all built into a neat, easy to install dosing station with a bunded area for a chemical drum.


Cooling Water Back plates

We have been at it again building special cooling water control backplate systems!

cooling water backplateRegular customers know this makes site installation more efficient - as current health & safety legislation has made working on some sites a very time consuming, hence an expensive job.

With a ready made back plate you just need a mains power supply, sample water from the tower recirculation pump discharge, and a return from the backplate into the tower sump.

If back plate system incorporate a bleed valve - this will need to be piped to a suitable drain point, normally the site effluent plant or other approved discharge point.

A contacting head water meter can be incorporated into the water make up line to dose the inhibitor on a flow proportional basis.

As soon as it's plumbed - the only further requirement is the chemicals to be dosed into the tower. These are normally dependant on the chemical treatment system which has been recommended by the chemical supplier for the type of tower in use.

Make your site installation easy and simple install an AWE ltd backplate system.

Remember you heard it on the AWE grapevine.

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