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Process Control Equipment in Agriculture

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At Automated Water & Effluent Ltd we understand that equipment used in the agricultural and farming industries needs to withstand long continuous duties, punishing locations and long periods between preventative maintenance opportunities.

We've supplied a range of control equipment into the agricultural industry from dosing pumps operating from 12 volt or 24 volt supplies, nitrate dosing systems and replacement ancillaries that all modern day agriculture could require. 


Working with commercial producers of both arable and pastoral produce our process control equipment and measurement sensors can be found where soft fruits are produced through to dairy farms.

Our process control equipment including our dosing pumps have supplied to run from 12 volt DC or 24 Volt AC / DC supply voltages. We've also supplied a range of pH, Redox, Conductivity, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen sensors into the agricultural industry to provide automation and control of the sterilisation process, quality analysis, create alerts and alarms in the events of spills and leaks, as well as to measure and deliver nitrates into soil.

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Dosing Pump

metering pump

Dosing pumps are items of control equipent designed to dose or meter chemical reagent into a process.

Our red dosing pumps are able to dose concentrated chemical reagents and provide accurate and reliable chemical dosing for process control, water treatment and effluent treatment applications.

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pH is the measurement of hydrogen ion concentration and is a widely used electrochemical parameter for both process control applications and for effluent treatment.

The measurement and data-logging of the pH value following pH neutralisation is normally a conditional requirement for a consent to discharge agreement.

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Chlorine is an excellent biocide and oxidising agent is system in liquid form such as sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide amongst others.

For accurate chlorine measurement we offer a range of sensors, controllers and portable instruments to provide accurate chlorine measurements.

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