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Temperature sensors and temperature controllers for process control applications.


Temperature is the most commonly measured and controlled industrial parameter, with an application in almost every industrial facility throughout the world.

Primarily we concern ourselves with the measurement and control of liquid temperatures, including the measurement of water temperature, effluent or waste water temperature and the temperature of process solutions, including the temperature of acids, alkali's and process chemicals

Temperature Sensor

We offer a range of temperature sensors which are designed for use in a wide range of liquid temperature applications. 

Our temperature sensors are manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel with an all welded construction making them suitable for use in food grade applications. 

The temperature measurement is via a 3 wire platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) which is a type of resistive temperature device (RTD). Our temperature sensors are manufactured  in accordance with BS1904 which we believe gives excellent accuracy over a measuring range from - 50°C to + 250°C - which is a temperature range that encompasses most of the industrial processes that we get involved with. 

Our range of temperature sensors are available as immersion type temperature sensors for dip mounting into tanks and vessels, or as insertion temperature sensors with BSP threads for screwing into tanks and pipework.

We also offer two types of thermowell or temperature pocket which can be inserted into pipework or tanks, and allow the easy removal  of a temperature sensor. We offer a thermowell suitable for an insertion temperature probe and a thermowell suitable for an immersion temperature sensor. 

Temperature Controller

To compliment our range of temperature sensors we offer a range of temperature controllers which allow stand alone measurement and control of liquid temperature.

Each of the controllers is designed to work with an RTD to give a visual indication of the temperature. 

In addition to a visual indication each of the temperature controllers has an adjustable set-point and associated control relay. This allows processes to be automatically switched on / off when the set-point value is reached.

Our controller range includes devices with 2 x control relays, alarm relays and isolated or non-isolated 4-20mA outputs.

4-20mA Temperature Transmitter

In addition to our temperature controllers - we offer a temperature transmitter which is designed to mount inside the head of our temperature sensors.

This neat device takes the an input from a PT100 type temperature sensor and outputs a 4-20mA signal corresponding to a range of 0 - 50°C, 0°C to 100°C or 0 - 200°C. 

The TT100 4-20mA transmitter is an excellent piece of equipment for transmitting a 4-20mA signal over a long distance, or for bringing a temperature signal directly into a PLC, digital chart recorder, online data logger or a 4-20mA controller

Temperature Range

Temperature Sensor Range

Temperature Sensor Range

Our TPA temperature sensor range of 3 wire PRT (Platinum Resistance Thermometers) designed for industrial usage in either process control, water and waste water treatment applications.

Within our temperature sensors range we have a range of sensors suitable for either immersion into tanks and vessels or insertion into tanks and pipework using a threaded connection. 

Available with a wide range of head types and with temperature sensors suitable for use in acid or alkali solutions. 

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Temperature Controller Range

Temperature Controller Range

Our range of temperature controllers are designed to work with a resistance temperature device (RTD) such as a PT100 PRT (platinum resistance temperature thermometer) or a PT1000 PRT. 

Suitable for controlling liquid temperature processes and available with a range of options including control relays with adjustable set-points, 4-20mA outputs and alarm relays.  

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