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Temperature Sensors

In our experience any site which measures any of our other industrial parameters will usually have a requirement to measure temperature using a temperature sensor or to control temperature using a temperature controller.

The temperature of many industrial processes are highly important to their managers; so the they can ensure that the required temperature is maintained. To complement our other instruments, (including our pH Instruments and Redox Instruments we are able to supply matching temperature sensors and temperature controllers. Our temperature sensors are mainly of the RTD (Residual Temperature Device type. Our Temperature Sensors are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel with the option of PTFE sheaths for use in corrosive solutions.

Temperature Sensors

TPA range of temperature probe assemblies are three wire PRT. Platinum resistance thermometers to BS.1904. The temperature sensors are manufactured from 316 Stainless steel all welded construction to food grade standards.

Temperature Sensors TPA-1N and TPA-1A

TPA 1-N Insertion temperature sensor with ABS head 75 mm lagging extension up to 150 mm insertion.

TPA 1-A Insertion temperature sensor with Aluminium head 75 mm lagging extension up to 150 mm insertion.

Temperature Sensors TP2-N and TP2-PTFE

TPA - 2N Temperature Sensor 6 mm dia in 316 stainless steel to be used with a compression fitting or submerged into open vessels.

TPA-2/PTFE As TPA-2 Temperature Sensor but fitted with a PVDF boss and PTFE sheath for use in process chemical vessel such as acid etch baths

-D Duplex three wire RTD sensors (add)

TPA - 3 As TPA-2 but fitted with a connector for easy fitting removal. Use with a pocket or compression fitting.

Temperature Sensor TPA3 & pocket and TPP

TPP Pockets in stainless steel with compression fittings and 1/2” BSP external thread for mounting into your process.

TT100 Two wire temperature transmitter Pt100. input 4-20mA output. The same two wires that power also carry the current output.
Ranges 0-50°C, 0-100°C or 0-200°C (to be specified)

Temperature Controllers

To complement our range of temperature sensors we offer a range of panel and surface mounting temperature indicators and temperature controllers.

Temperature Controller TR3645W

The TR3645-W Temperature Controller is a wall mounted version of our TR3645 Temperature Controller.

The surface mounting temperature indicator and temperature controller with control key and and 0-20 mA output. Mains supply 115/230 VAC.

TR7615 and SRP-N118

TR7615 Panel mounting temperature controller with LED display 2 control relays and a 0 - 20mA output, mains supply 115/230 VAC.

SRT-N118 Surface mounting w’proof temperature meter input Pt100, Pt500 or Pt1000. with LED display and 2 control relays.

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