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8/10 PVDF

8x10mm PVDF Dosing Tube

8x10mm PVDF dosing tube

8x10mm PVDF dosing tube is available in lengths up to a 100 metre long continuous coil.

8x10mm PVDF Dosing Tube

PolyVinyliDene Fluoride or PVDF dosing tube is available with an internal diameter of 8mm and an external diameter of 10mm for use with chemical dosing pumps that normally take 8x12mm tubing from the AT4 series series of chemical dosing pumps.

PVDF offers excellent chemical resistance second only to PTFE dosing tubing, and allows for a greater pressure.  PVDF is suitable for most dosing applications and as the PVDF material matches the head material of dosing pumps supplied for use with concentrated chemical reagents you have confidence in the chemical compatibility.

When using 8x10mm dosing tube, the dosing pump must be fitted with fittings to convert the pump output from 8x12mm to 8x10mm.  These fittings are specifically manufactured in PVDF for use with 8x10mm dosing tube.  Due to the bend radius of PVDF, 8x12mm PVDF dosing tube is not available.

We strongly recommend checking the compatibility of your chemical reagent with the PVDF dosing tube, using our chemical compatibility checker.

8x10mm PVDF Dosing Tube Properties

Internal DiameterOutside DiameterTolerancesWeightBurst PressureTemp. RangeBend Diameter
8mm 10mm ±0.10 mm 50.0 g/m 55 Bar -40°C to + 140°C 250mm

Technical information for use as a guide only. Pressure values given are based on the short term burst pressure at 20°C. Any increase in temperature above 20°C will result in a decline in working pressure values. We strongly recommend checking our chemical compatibility database and your chemical supplier, to ensure that all materials are compatible with the chemical to be dosed.

8x10mm PVDF Dosing Tube Features & Benefits

8x10mm PVDF dosing tube allows dosing pumps to deliver concentrated chemical reagents that normally react with 8x12mm alternatives (such as 8x12 LDPE).  In the AT4 series of dosing pumps, the standard 8x12mm fittings are replaced with 8x10mm alternatives, enabling the 8x10mm PVDF dosing tube to be used.

The 8x10mm PVDF dosing tube itself is an excellent choice of dosing tube, combining high strength and rigidity with very good chemical resistance properties. 

With a temperature range suitable for most applications, PVDF dosing tube is a good fit when using a dosing pump with parts also manufactured in PVDF.  Ideal for usage outside, PVDF is 100% UV resistant and is available in continuous lengths, up to 100 metres long.

8/10 PVDF Specifications

  • Specifications


    8x10mm PVDF Dosing Tube

    Model Number:- 8/10 PVDF

    Internal Diameter:- 8mm

    External Diameter:- 10mm

    Tolerance:- ±0.10mm

    Weight:- 50.0 Grams / Metre

    Burst Pressure (at 20°C):- 55 Bar

    Bend Diameter:- 250mm

    Minimum Temperature:- -40°C

    Maximum Temperature:- +140°C

  • Applications


    8 x 10mm PVDF is suitable for use with our AT4 range of chemical dosing pumps. These normally use 8 x 12mm dosing tube but the dosing tube or dosing pumps can be supplied with replacement fittings that convert the AT4 series from 8 x 12mm tubing to 8 x 10mm tubing.

    8x10mm PVDF tubing offers very good chemical resistance and suitable for use with elevated pressures. PVDF also is low in permeability making it ideal for the transfer of ultra-pure materials.

    The high pressure and very good chemical resistance properties make PVDF an excellent choice of dosing tube for use with dosing pumps

    We strongly recommend that you check that PVDF is compatible with your chemical reagent using our chemical compatibility database or with your chemical supplier and that all chemical dosing tube is protected from frost, direct sunlight and is installed inside a secondary pipe or hose to provide mechanical protection and containment.

    Our AT4 Series of dosing pumps are available with wetted parts in PVDF to ensure greater chemical compatibility. Pairing the dosing pump with a PVDF dosing tube ensures that all parts in contact with the chemical reagent are the same - ensuring commonality across the process.

  • Appearance


    8 x 10mm PVDF Dosing Tube is milky white in colour and almost totally opaque and the PVDF tubing is not stamped

    PVDF has a number of inherent properties that are attractive for use in the transfer of chemical reagents or ultra-pure materials. It offers:-

    • A low friction co-efficient
    • A smooth bore
    • UV Resistance
    • Highly scratch resistant
    • Very Hard (78 on the Shore D Scale).
    • Resists permeating the carried fluid

    8 x 10mm PVDF Dosing Tube is available in continuous lengths up to 100 metres or cut to a specified size.


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