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About Automated Water & Effluent Ltd (AWE)

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd (AWE) was established in 1982 based at Stafford in the UK. Where we quickly built a reputation for after sales servicing and commissioning of on site of instrumentation. Today we still offer the facility with planned service contracts and traceable calibration to National Standards.

The AWE product range quickly grew to include a competitive range of pH, Redox, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen Instruments which have found thousands of users in industrial Water and Effluent (waste water) treatment around the world.

Today we offer a fast delivery service on a wide range of industrial pH and Redox Electrodes to suit both our own and other manufactures instruments. Instruments for pH, Redox (ORP) Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine and Temperature.

The AWE product line has found applications in many fields such as industrial and municipal effluent treatment, food processing, geology and mining, metal finishing, pharmaceuticals steam and power generating, boiler and cooling water treatment, high purity water production to name just a few.

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