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AWE Ltd Measurement and control - the core principle for awe ltd


Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd started trading in 1982 and has garnered a wealth of experience across the industrial process industry. During this time our key belief has remained unchanged - that accurate measurement and precision control is the key to process control, water and effluent treatment.

That's why everything in our equipment range from the electrochemical sensors for measuring pH, Redox, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Turbidity are of the highest quality for precision measurement. Every element from the connecting cables to the amplification within our provided instrumentation is designed to offer linear amplification for accurate representation of your measured value.

We even ensure that every item we sell is specifically shielded from electromagnetic interference so that it is as accurate in the laboratory as it is operating in the confines of heavy industry. Our control equipment is designed to be robust and offer precision control. When it comes to our dosing pumps and solenoid valves we ensure that when required these are able to work with concentrated industrial chemicals.

Over our 30 plus years of trading, we have built up, through experience, a client base covering Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Process Control in sectors varying from municipal swimming pools, surface treatment and metal finishing, laboratory analysis, hydroponics and growers, ceramics, dairy, brewing, pharmaceutical, power generation and pulp and packaging.

Reduce Delays

We understand that everyones process is critical - that's why we try to ensure that every item in our catalogue is available with ex-stock deliveries.

Our engineered solutions, designed and customised to your requirements, are always specified with a delivery date agreeable to both parties. We will update you on the progress of your order and ensure that you can visit our factory to test or inspect any equipment prior to shipping.

Ensuring operability

Our Service Team has experienced engineers who are fully qualified for on site work.

The team offer commissioning services to ensure that all supplied equipment is calibrated and operating as expected, to ensure that your process gets off without a hitch.

The Service Team also offers ongoing service contracts which ensure that equipment is calibrated and continues to operate as expected. We're also able to offer certificates of calibration, traceable to UK National Standards to ensure that equipment complies with external audits from a number of different manufacturing and water authorities. Our service contracts can also include provisions for emergency call-outs for process critical equipment.

The Service Team also offer same day, on the phone, technical support by simply calling the office phone number - 01785 254 597.

The Right Equipment For The Right Process

Our Engineering Sales Team are all experienced with the operation of instrumentation and control equipment. This means that they are experienced in working out the right equipment for your requirements. We're quite aware that sometimes the right pH electrode for a hydroponics application is very different to the right pH probe for a titanium pickling application.

The Sales Team are also available to offer a level of customer support for equipment in the absence of our Service Team, when required.

On Site Manufacturing and Fabrication

Finally our Production and Fabrication Team are based on-site. This means that if you need customised solutions from control panels, to enclosures or even custom length dip pH probe assemblies then our Sales Team can liaise with production, at the beginning and during the manufacturing process, to ensure that all your requirements are considered prior to inspection or despatch.