AWE Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

Chemical Dosing Systems - Designed And Built

To support the sale of our loose instruments and dosing pumps we are able to offer some system building so site installation by your engineers is simplified. Any of our instruments maybe incorporated into custom designed and built control panels and chemical dosing systems which are ready wired and supplied with connection and wiring diagrams.

Since 1982 we have gained considerable experience in building Effluent (waste water) monitoring, chemical dosing systems and control panels which are used in many different industries.
Our red electronic dosing pumps maybe supplied either in custom built polypropylene housing, as part of a dosing pump and tank set, or as a full chemical dosing system

We also manufacture simple skid mounted chemical dosing systems incorporating our instruments and dosing pumps. Examples include units which can hold one or two 25 litre chemical containers in a bunded area fitted with controller and red dosing pump.

Applications include pH adjustment, solution strength control and swimming pool water dosing with acid and hypochlorite. Save time travelling to site, time getting into the site time on site carrying out installation.

Polypropylene fabricated checmical dosing system

Polypropylene fabricated chemical dosing system to hold the controller and red dosing pump with a bunded area all factory build and tested for quick and easy site installation. Ideal for our customers overseas just add an electrical supply and your chemical reagent to complement the dosing pumps.

Chemical dosing systems

Chemical storage tank with rain skirt for outside use which may be fitted with red dosing pumps level controls geared or high speed mixers to suit your requirements.

Custom made and designed control panels

Custom made and designed chemical dosing system ready wired and tested. Manufactured in painted mild steel, stainless steel or GRP

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