Automated Water & Effluent Ltd

Replacement and Spare Parts

Automated Water & Effluent have been supplying process control equipment since 1982. We have a large installed base of equipment which could now be many years old.

One of the common questions we are asked is for spares or replacements parts for existing equipment.

We receive many emailed pictures of customers instruments, sensors and dosing pumps with requests for spares service or current replacement products.

In this section of our web site are some of the common instruments we have shipped since 1982 with the model numbers and some hopefully helpful comments. The instruments are listed by parameter measured E.G. pH, Redox, conductivity etc. This section will be up
dated to include dosing pumps etc.

If you still cannot find the item you require please revert to emailing a digital picture and we will try to help.

The different categories are listed below:

Contact sales on 01785 254 597 for more information on our Replacement Conductivity Sensors, Replacement Dosing Pump, Replacement pH Electrodes, and Replacement Turbidity Meters or to purchase our products.